Sorry for sending out old posts!! My blog has a mind of its own!

Hey everyone!! Just a quick apology for spamming you.  I am grateful to everyone who let me know my… [more]

Sorry for sending out old posts!! My blog has a mind of its own! Sorry for sending out old posts!! My blog has a mind of its own!

Welcome to the Timeshare!

  My brother likes to say that success isn't a straight line.  It's more of a zig zag. He… [more]

Welcome to the Timeshare! Welcome to the Timeshare!

Counting Mailboxes

I often forget that the most important benefit of exercise for me is the feeling of accomplishment it… [more]

Counting Mailboxes Counting Mailboxes

Working From Home (VIPKID)

    I have to force myself not to eat brownies. I have to force myself to exercise. I do NOT… [more]

Working From Home (VIPKID) Working From Home (VIPKID)

Sunday Reflections

  As I drink my morning coffee, I would like to give a big thanks to all of you who responded… [more]

Sunday Reflections Sunday Reflections

Happy Belated Thanksgiving and an Update!

November 28, 2016

Well hello there friends!! Here I come with my absentee self to give you the dreaded update.  I suppose you can anticipate the outcome with “dreaded” being the forerunning adjective for update! But  Thanksgiving is a WELCOME opportunity to thank God for what I have.   So let’s start with that. I am very grateful of course […]

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Let’s Be Honest

October 25, 2016

So in my last post I told you the scary situation I’ve fallen into.  I’m creeping up the scales in a dangerously quick fashion and if I’m not careful this regain is going to really take over completely.  I was up to 279 not too long ago.  I lost down to 270 only due to […]

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Push the car

October 21, 2016

Have you ever had to push your car because it ran out of gas or broke down?  I’ve had to do this before.  To be honest, though, I had help.  I am not sure I would have been able to do it on my own. I remember someone coming along and telling me to put […]

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Living in the World of AT LEAST….

September 24, 2016

  I’m not losing but at least I’m not gaining… I haven’t achieved my goal but at least I stay in the same weight range now…. I’m not really on the food plan I should be but at least I’m not binging anymore… I’m back in plus size clothing but at least I can buy clothes […]

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We All Need a Mrs. Creswell

August 22, 2016

This was in the first grade.  Time flies, doesn’t it…because Charlotte  starts 7th grade tomorrow.  And I know those of you that have been reading my blog for awhile know Charlotte.  I’ve written about her many times over the years.   She has such a sweet heart.  And we connect in so many ways to the […]

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Whine City

July 31, 2016

  Have you ever had someone tell you not to look?  My daughter did this to me in Ross the other day.  She says “Mom, that’s the guy from school I was telling you about” so I look to my left to see who it is and she’s like “MOM!!! Oh my gosh!! Why did […]

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You’ve gotta laugh sometimes

July 27, 2016

Believe it or not, I DO have a sense of humor 😉 I know it often gets lost in the drama queen that I become at times And the last several posts I’ve written on this blog have embodied that side of my personality I think I more than exceeded that in my last post […]

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Shall We Keep Running?

May 29, 2016

The last post I wrote was titled  “Turn and Run–This One Isn’t Uplifting“. I’ll just aptly title  this one “Shall We Keep Running?” because truly I have felt in the past 50 days or so that I’m on a runaway train. A runaway train that refuses to run out of steam! For those of you […]

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Turn and Run! This one isn’t uplifting..

March 10, 2016

Nothing fancy but a quick update.  I just don’t want to disappear and have people wonder if I can ever be consistent again with blogging.  I hate blogging when things aren’t going well but on the other hand I’ve found a lot of people out there struggle with the same things so here we go. […]

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12 Pounds Down—Moving along!

March 1, 2016

  I’VE LOST TWELVE POUNDS! Woo hooo… But last week got so busy with the kids and everything else that I just didn’t get a chance to come back and give you an update.   Let me take a moment to update you not just on my weight loss but also on my family.  I feel […]

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