Preplanning my Menu: 5 Day Low Carb Meals

February 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

tumblr_mr242zIWcW1qz8dl6o1_500Pre-planning meals for the week is an important part of maintaining control.  And it’s something I have not been very good at lately.  I have identified this as one of the reasons I have struggled with my weight loss.  In the beginning, I was extremely focused on this aspect.  As time went on though I became more relaxed.  The fact that I had become pretty lax in this area was already causing problems for me but I don’t think I actually realized it until the other day.

Recently I’ve been  looking for new things to try and this led to a lot of grocery trips during the week and last minute cooking experiments. But this in and of itself has created a problem for me.  You see, I have been giving myself permission to not really put things in stone with my meal plans but instead to allow myself to leave it open ended.  Just in case, I saw a recipe I wanted to try on the fly.

For many people this might work but for ME….it  leads to bad things.  You see, it seems totally acceptable and permissible that I would decide to suddenly run out to the grocery on a Tuesday evening to pick up ingredients for a new healthy recipe I just found an hour ago.  But really this is a dangerous and slippery slope for me.   What happened is this— I made it “ok” to do things last minute because they were “healthy“.  I made it permissible for me to substitute something else for dinner other than the pre-planned meal because what I was substituting was healthy.  The problem is that once I allowed myself to break my previously planned meals for something else,  it easily led to other things.  Like Wendy’s and McDonald’s.  After all, there are no rules anymore.  I can break my plans if I want to right? It doesn’t make sense no doubt to normal people.  But this is me.  ME and my weird food brain.  It was a slippery slope and I SLIPPED.  Once I allow myself to substitute one thing and become too lenient with myself, I find it easy to compromise in other areas as well.  Before you know it, I think it’s ok to eat completely off plan altogether!! Healthy or not.

So this week I am going to carefully preplan all my meals.  And even if I happen to find an interesting recipe I want to try—I will NOT try it this week no matter what.  I will be extremely strict with the planning of my meals.  If I am going to try something new it will be planned and not substituted for something I had already planned to eat.  In my mind once I start making exceptions, I end up making them anywhere and everywhere.  So I will carefully pre-plan ALL meals.  I will buy ALL ingredients before Monday (which I did already) and I will NOT make another trip to the grocery store this week barring a natural disaster.  I will not allow myself to substitute meals (Even in the event that my newsfeed pops up a really healthy  meal that I would like to try on the fly).  To keep myself accountable I’m including my 5 day dinner meals for the week.  I am recognizing that failing to preplan meals for the week has been my downfall in the past.  I hope by recognizing this I will help myself to get a grip!

5 Day Dinner Meal Plan

Monday—Baked Chicken Drumsticks

This is an easy way to cook chicken drumsticks in the oven that I learned over the past month.   I had never made this before and the kids loved it.  So I will be happy to have something new added to our weekly rotation.  I am not going to be including the potatoes though this time because I cannot handle them. They trigger me towards french fries and this is another area in which I cannot compromise unless I want to slip down the slippery slope some more!

Tuesday— Slow Cooker Taco Meat

This is very easy.  I WILL be making my Pico De Gallo and Salsa that I learned to make recently.  We will be using the lettuce ‘boats’ or wraps instead of tortillas.  Lately I have been eating tortillas and tostadas again.  Another thing I should NOT be eating.  But once I start compromising all kinds of things happen!   So I am going to be using lettuce wraps again which will be MUCH better for me!

Wednesday—Salsa Chicken

Chicken breasts or tenderloins in the crockpot plus a jar of salsa (or homemade salsa) on top.  It doesn’t get easier than that!

Thursday–Pork Shoulder with One Jar of Green Salsa 

I throw this in the crockpot and I will use it with the lettuce leaves like I did with tacos

Friday—Pot Roast 

To the crockpot, I add the pot roast along with 1 clove chopped garlic, 1 jar pepperoncini peppers and 1 cup beef broth


My grocery list for this 5 Day Dinner Plan includes:

1 package of chicken drumsticks

1 lb of ground turkey or ground beef

1 package of chicken tenderloins or chicken breasts

1 Pork Shoulder

1 Pot Roast

Tomato Paste

Spices (various)

Garlic cloves

1 Jar of Green Salsa and 1 Jar of Red Salsa (unless making homemade)

Beef Broth

Pepperocini peppers

Lettuce Wraps

Shredded Cheese and Sour Cream


To this list I will add 2-3 cases of Atkins shakes (vanilla and milk chocolate) as I intend to drink these during the day for breakfast and lunch along with coffee and water in an effort to get back on the Sugar Detox Wagon!

So….this is my PRE-PLANNED food plan for the week.  And I will not be looking at new recipes this week either!  I do believe that the new recipes I have added have helped us with variety but I will take a break from adding anything new as I’m starting to struggle a lot and I need to take a break from fixating too much on food.

Here’s to a planned week!!


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John (Daddy Runs a Lot) February 9, 2015 at 4:24 pm

Love seeing this all in a plan!

I’m HORRIBLE about planning dinner . . . though a big part of that is that my schedule means that I seldom actually can eat dinner at home:
– Mondays, I work until 5 and have symphony rehearsal from 7-10, so I always stop somewhere to pick something up.
– Tuesdays, I leave work, pick up my son, attend karate class with him, drop him off at home, and head to band rehearsal from 7-9. If I’m lucky, I’ve grabbed leftover *something* to eat in the car on the way to band.
– Wednesdays, either I leave work to head to band rehearsal from 5:30-8:30, an hour & a half away OR I head home, pack the “swimming bag” get the kids, take them to swim lessons from 6:15-7, shower with them, and then hit Panera for a salad (they eat soup & a cookie)
– Thursdays, I’m home . . . and by this time, I’m typically raring for something nice, so I’ll stop by the grocery store on the way home from work, pick out a nice-looking cut of meat, and prepare something simple but yummy.
– Fridays, well, anything might happen on a Friday.

That said, I’ll take 2-3 hours over a weekend to prepare lunches for the week. Usually, Saturday night, I’ll throw something in the crock pot and then put it into 5 containers before church on Sunday.
John (Daddy Runs a Lot) recently posted..Where I have a little giggle at human natureMy Profile


Lori February 9, 2015 at 5:02 pm

I have to operate under strict parameters too. I totally get what you mean. One thing I do, is if I come across something I want to try, I put it down for next week.

Good for you for recognizing what you need to to and doing it.
Lori recently posted..Mental BattlesMy Profile


Anneli February 9, 2015 at 5:29 pm

I really think you’re on the right track with not only thinking about what you’re eating but what needs are you satisfying by doing it. As a lifelong overweight person myself, I’m astonished that NEVER has any weight loss group or person asked me what my NEEDS let alone my wants are regarding food!! For example, I do seem to need some kind of parameters or i eat way too much, but I also like to eat what I want when I want. For those reasons, I accept calorie counting on most days. But lots of times I just want somebody to TELL me what to do so I don’t have to think about it. So I use Flavor Point and Hungry Girl for that need. I get bored very easily with diets so my plan has a LOT of variety. It’s working for me, but I could never sell my plan wholesale to anyone else, because everyone else is different. BUT–the general idea, of looking at what you need, and what you want and what worked and what didn’t and why is diet gold. I’m convinced it’s the only way to ever get past dieting and get to a point where my lifestyle is both natural AND healthful. You’re going to have a great week!
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LHA February 11, 2015 at 2:41 am

Thanks for the inspiration to plan meals ahead and stick strictly to a plan. That is exactly what I am doing this week too. I need a really, really good week to spur me on both mentally and physically. Since I can tell you like Mexican foods, I am betting you make fajitas sometimes just as I do. I like to cook up some seasoned chicken and steak on the grill and saute a huge amount of green peppers and onions. Lots of leftovers with this, and I used to make fajita quesadillas for the kids using leftover fajita makings while I ate my fajita in a bowl without a tortilla. That’s the basis of my plan for this week, and I have also started using the Atkins shakes daily. Thank you so much for the ideas, and may we both have fantastic weeks this week!


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