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November 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hello to all my fellow Tortoise and Turtles!   Here is an update on my Small Steps/5 Day Streak goal to get back on track.

Week One: Half Mile Monday-Friday  (No pace requirements!)

Week Two: Same goal as above!  No changes with exercise goal.  Worked instead on a goal in the area of food by reinstating a morning food routine.

Week Three:  Same food goal as above.  No changes in that area.  Went back to the exercise goal and upped it to 1 mile

Week Four:  Instead of outside walking, I’m going to do one of the more fast paced Leslie Sansone videos this week.  It’s getting colder and I don’t need to allow that to keep me from continuing on with my progress.  It doesn’t take much to make me lose motivation and being cold will definitely deter me.  My outside walk has been about 3o minutes.  This particular video has a pace that makes 30 minutes equivalent to 2 miles.  It is more fast paced than what I have been doing but I’m ready for it!  .  I am going to stick with that the rest of this week and start logging over on My Fitness Pal since I can log videos there.  I have struggled with food but I am continuing to stick to the morning food plan.  At this time, I still feel it is a struggle so I am going to continue on with the morning food goal for one more week before trying to change it up.

The past week has been a bit crazy with Halloween, kids activities and the kids being out of school yesterday.  I wanted to let everyone know,though, that I hadn’t fallen off the wagon!  I’m still in the game!  I also wanted to mention that setting 5 day streaks along with alternating the goals has been critical in my progress.

I took the advice left to me by John (from Daddy Runs A Lot).  He said THIS in a comment regarding goal-setting and it has helped me IMMENSELY in the past 3 weeks with my ability to stay motivated.

“As soon as a goal is reached, be it retiring, or running such & such a distance, or putting aside $x in a savings account, or whatever, it’s really important to set that next goal. Personally? I think that next goal should, almost always, be completely unrelated to the just-achieved one . . . let’s just say that it’s “run a marathon.” Well, next, maybe, it’s to do a pull-up. After a pull-up, see how you’re running, and head back to that if you feel it’s lacking.”

I have taken this advice to heart.  It has meshed extremely well with my philosophy of small steps and allowing myself TIME to become more ‘willing’ to increase my goals in a given area.  I find that I need more than just one week to fully adjust mentally to whatever it is I am doing.  I had hoped that I would do only one week at half a mile but at the end of that week while I felt more motivated than I had—I still felt in some way burdened by the idea of doing more.  That half mile for me was still mentally challenging to make myself do.  I say”mentally” because let’s face it—physically I can do more.  But WILL I?? That’s where the problem lies.  What I will ACTUALLY do consistently.  If I had made the goal to double it to 1 mile after week one, I may have quit.  I took John’s advice and instead decided to alternate goals.  Not focusing on simply the same goal week after week.   In week two, I added working on a food goal. I continued of course with my exercise goal but I just didn’t increase it.  This allowed me an additional week to really let the habit sink in.

After two weeks, I did what John said.  I went BACK to the exercise goal and only then did I increase it to the one mile.  This week I am switching up what I am doing with exercise but moving to an indoor video that is actually a bit more fast paced than what I have been doing.  I think that switching it up will be good for me so that I don’t get bored but it will also ensure that I don’t let cold weather deter me.  I find that alternating working on goals has been key.  It gives me more time to settle into a new habit AND it means I am working on different goals each week to keep me from getting bored.

Thanks John!!!

Here are some pictures from the past few days.  Happy Wednesday!



Amanda and I during the Halloween festivities!



I’m down to just 2 kids dressing up! Savannah is in college and Annabelle turns 14 soon….She wasn’t feeling it this year!  So that leaves me with CJ and Charlotte.  CJ was a Minecraft guy and Charlotte was a  girl version of Robin Hood




CJ and I have been outside playing football a lot!!  Here we are…




And a picture he took of me being lazy.  But wearing my green sweatshirt! TURTLE POWER!


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Wendy November 5, 2014 at 4:39 pm

I am going to put your small steps goal into my own life. I certainly need to do small steps to help myself get back into the exercise groove! Thank you for the motivation to get back into! Seeing you do it, tells me that I can too!
Wendy recently posted..Weekly Weigh In!My Profile


Anneli November 5, 2014 at 8:20 pm

I love the idea of switching it up!! I will definitely incorporate it. Here’s another idea. One year I got tired of always having a “I will lose weight” resolution for New Years, so I picked something totally different. That year’s goal was to read one Shakespeare play every month. LOVED doing that, and it was an important reminder for me that I am MUCH more than just someone with a weight problem.


Calleigh November 5, 2014 at 8:28 pm

Fantastic advice from John. I’ll be using it too 🙂


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