Week 3: Day 2 Update

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Week 3 and Day 2 of my 5 Day Streak Experiment

Yesterday I ended up playing football with CJ for about an hour.  My 10 year old son is really turning into a full fledged boy!  That may sound odd to say but he is the youngest and my only son.  He has 3 older sisters and a single Mom.  As you can imagine he’s been mostly surrounded by Barbies.  Of course, he’s all about Minecraft and Legos but now he has started becoming very interested in sports.  We did go through a baseball phase shortly after I started losing weight.  It was actually one of the highlights of the journey as I was finally able to throw the ball around with him and fit on the bleachers.    But now we have moved out of the city.  We have much more space and freedom to run around and play.  We have a basketball net outside and he loves that.  At his new school, the boys all play football at recess.  He even wants to join the wrestling team.  (EEK! He is only in 4th grade)  I’m a bit apprehensive about him wrestling even though he always wins every match at home (against Tigger and Pooh Bear) :)))   I just see him really growing into this little man and it makes me want to pursue this journey even more.  My son always wants to throw the football around lately and I need to be able to keep up with him! I may not know a lot about sports but I am going to learn.  I want to make sure that he doesn’t miss out on anything.  He may be stuck with a single Mom as the one throwing that football around but I will do my best!  I am so grateful that I can now do more than just watch him play from the sidelines.  I still might not be very good at it but I’m a big believer that the effort means something.  I believe he appreciates it because he can remember when I couldn’t do much at all except watch.

This week’s exercise goal is 1 mile daily with no pace requirements.  The only requirement is that I do it.   I have been doing circles in the cul de sac but today I decided to actually walk the entire neighborhood.  It’s ironic because that is something I’ve generally been avoiding.  I have done it before and I’m certainly capable physically of doing it but for some odd reason I have had a mental block about it.  By that I mean, I simply can’t get motivated to do it!  When I think about it, it just seems so long and so far even though it’s just barely over a mile.  It is up and down a lot of inclines and some hills though which makes it a much harder walk than just walking in the cul de sac.


After all the football yesterday, I woke up with a nerve in my leg giving me problems.  I have had this issue before.  The nerve that runs straight from my lower back all the way down my leg loves to act up sometimes.   As it was making it hard for me to walk without pain, I did not get up and do the walk first thing this morning as planned.  I stretched for awhile and waited to see if it would improve.  It still is bothering me but as I’m not totally paralyzed by it I decided to just gut it out.  Not only did I do the 1 mile walk but I actually walked around the entire neighborhood which is a much harder walk for me.  So I actually did the one thing I’ve been holding back on doing and I did it on a day when I was actually feeling not that swift!  I could definitely have chosen to take the day off from walking but I decided not to for a few reasons.

1. The pain wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t walk.  I didn’t think it was going to make anything worse for me to walk.  If I had twisted my ankle that would have been different but aside from the pain this is the kind of thing that will just go away in time. Since I knew it was going to hurt me regardless and it wouldn’t make anything worse to walk—I walked.

2. I felt it was vitally important that I continue my streak if at all possible.  I know that the momentum I am gaining here is the key to my progress.  I am not doing much at this time distance wise.  I am not doing much pace-wise.  But what I am doing is working on consistency.  And that is vitally important. I am rebuilding that “no matter what, rain or shine, come hell or high water” spirit again.  Now don’t get me wrong…this is still ME.  It’s still the Tortoise version of that spirit.  But it’s necessary.  Because the Tortoise may go slow but he still GOES.  Slowly perhaps!  But moving is moving.  However slow it’s still forward.  And I’m still very new to getting myself back on track.  I’m a bit afraid if I take off a day I could end up not getting back out there again.  I’m just way too good at rationalizing and making excuses.  So if at all possible I knew I had to get out there.

3.  I ended up walking the whole neighborhood which was actually harder for me than the cul de sac.  I just want to say that when the tracker tracks my pace it doesn’t take into account hills!  Trust me..I was walking harder than usual but it doesn’t look like it because it doesn’t take hills into account.  At any rate, I felt that I was under “attack” today in a way because of waking up with that leg pain.  I actually felt that it was just one way the enemy wants to keep me down!! Call me crazy LOL  But I really believe that.  So I knew it was important that I combat that by doing something challenging and hard to prove to myself that I can do hard things even when faced with adversity.

photo 1.PNG-9



My food goal for this 5 days is still the One Round of Liquids (Coffee, Water, Atkins Shake).  That is very quickly becoming so routine that I did it over the weekend as well.  It is becoming easier.  I am pretty thrilled because I was starting to have a real issue with wanting to eat again the second I woke up in the morning.  There is nothing as depressing to me as waking up with the thought of food.  I lived that way for so many decades of my life that finally being released from that was a miracle.  I do NOT want to go back to that.  So I am once again thankful for the freedom that going to liquid often brings me from my food obsession.  I’m still not on protein shakes full day yet but it is helping me.  I am having more good days than bad.  So  yeah for that!


I hope your week is going well!

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Jessica October 28, 2014 at 5:55 pm

Holly – you are doing so well with these streaks! It’s awesome to hear the hope in your writing! And you have found such an approachable, un-scary way of achieving your goals. I love the idea of a victory list. I have a calendar in my closet, and for some reason, I love seeing the check marks on the days that I follow my plan. And the more of those I see in a row, the more motivated I am to keep on keeping on.


Lori October 28, 2014 at 6:28 pm

If you have followed my blog at all you know that I had hip replacement surgery 4 weeks ago today. I have done nothing regarding weight loss during that time.

In the past few days, I have been wanting to get back on board and do something, but for a variety of reasons have not. This morning, I realized I can do one thing – drink water. So today without putting pressure on myself to drink so many ounces, I’m just drinking water. (I’ll probably put something on my blog about this in more detail soon.)

Thanks for your example. I am doing one small thing that is the right thing to do. In time, I will do the next small thing.
Lori recently posted..Getting StrongerMy Profile


Natalie October 28, 2014 at 10:27 pm

I get that nerve pain down my leg sometimes too, at random intervals. I think it is called sciatica, from pressure on the spinal discs. I’m hoping losing weight will help.
Natalie recently posted..Core strength, or lack thereofMy Profile


Cindy R October 29, 2014 at 1:58 am

If your son wants to wrestle at school you should let him try it. My son did it and really enjoyed it. With my son if he showed an interest in a sport and wanted to try it I let him sign up to play. My only stipulation was if he signed up he had to stick it out for the season. Some sports he stuck with for more than one season and others he didn’t, but at least he got to learn about the rules of the sport and be able to hold his own as he got older in sports discussions and gym classes. I wasn’t thrilled when he wanted to play football but I let him play starting in middle school, he actually stuck with both football and wrestling through high school. He learned respect for his coaches and teammates as well.

Thank you for your great posts! Your blog is inspiring to all of us!


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