5 Day Streak—Day 5!! Celebration!!

October 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

We did it!!

I am so excited to say that the 5 Day Streak Challenge is complete.  I want to thank the people that did this with me.  It truly made a difference I think in my level of motivation to stay committed.  Some people  followed me over to Map My Walk and started posting their workouts as well.  Every time I saw a notification that they had gotten out there ( or read in my comments that one of you had also done something) it made me smile!! It is just nice to know that you are not alone.

It does feel that way sometimes, doesn’t it?? When you are out there trudging around the neighborhood on some gloomy morning by yourself.  You feel like that kid at school off to the side kicking rocks around while everyone else is playing and having fun. In your mind, you are the loner.  The one out on your own!  But this feeling is a lie.  It really is!! Even when you are physically alone—you are NOT alone.  You have an army of people all over the world that are fighting the same fight.  Maybe we aren’t physically with each other but we ARE with each other.

Never ever underestimate the power in taking small steps consistently.  Out of everything I have learned over the last 3 years, THAT Is probably the most important.  In times of doubt, pick one thing.  Just one thing that you think could move you in the right direction.  Then take the smallest step towards it.  The very smallest.  But do it daily.  Over time you will be truly amazed at what a difference that can make!!

About 9 days ago, I decided to walk a half-mile every morning.  I was not going to do more.  I was not going to care about my pace.  I was just simply going to do it every day.  That was my only goal.  Doing it daily.  Because I believed my biggest problem was not being consistent.  I needed to find a way once again to do things daily.  Not just in spurts.

About 4 days in, I was losing motivation.  So I decided to commit to a 5 day streak.   So that I could get another 5 days in.  And these last 5 days have really helped me turn a corner too.   Even though it seemed like I was starting out too small, I think my progress has been great.  Without planning to, I have ended up jogging now about half of that half mile.  Not because I had to…but because I wanted to.  Because I CHOSE TO.  And that is so much different than being forced to!  But wanting to do something ‘extra’ comes in time.  As we begin to have faith in the process again.  As we begin to see that we are more capable than we originally thought.

About a year and a half ago (before I got really off track) I was doing great with exercise.  I had even started jogging.  I had learned that for me jogging isn’t as hard as I imagined it would be.  That as long as I went tortoise slow I could do it.  And in fact, I almost….ALMOST….didn’t hate it.  I was ALMOST liking it.  I hesitate to say that but I was getting there.  Then something happened.  I went berserk.  I got sucked into a vortex.  And I lost sight of everything.

You know, I’ve been beaten down and crushed for a long time.  By too many things for me to name right now.  But the pressures of life have done a number on me.  And for the past year I have really been perplexed on how to move forward.  But finally for the first time I am feeling hopeful again! Like there is a light at the end of this long tunnel!   I think I’m finally starting to believe again.  And this progress started with just a very simple goal of doing something small daily.  And the support of those who joined in!

While I will not set an official goal to keep walking over the weekend, I plan to.  If I don’t—-it’s ok.  But I plan to.  The real official challenge will start for me on Monday.  I plan to continue with my half mile but I will now plan to officially jog at least half of it daily.  I want to begin to work towards a point where I am jogging the entire half mile. And then go from there.  For me that is a crazy idea because jogging has always been tough for me.  But I think I’m feeling excited about this. And I haven’t felt excited in a LONG time regarding exercise.

I want to reiterate, though, that I am NOT viewing my exercise goals at the moment for the purpose of weight loss. For me, this is about becoming mentally stronger.  Getting my head back in the game.  I believe that is where the true benefit of exercise lies for me.  I have felt so weak in my mind for a long time.  So mentally worn out.  And I was reminded this morning once again of how beneficial exercise (even small amounts) can be for strengthening our mental resolve.

As I was jogging up that hill this morning, it was hard.  For me I have a lot of physical sensations that take place.  There is a tightening in my shoulders when I am trying to get up that hill and I’ve pretty much already hit my limit.  Yes, I begin to feel like I am totally out of breath.  It is just generally uncomfortable.  When I make it to that mailbox, though, I feel accomplished.  As I get to the top of the hill and begin walking again, I am trying to catch my breath.  It is still uncomfortable but I keep moving anyway.  One foot in front of the other.  Knowing that things will get better.  My shoulders will not be tight anymore. My breathing will return to normal.  But I don’t stop and wait for that to happen.  I just keep walking AS it’s happening.  And this is what we have to do in life.

When things happen to us that are out of our control, we can’t quit and give up.  We have to keep moving.  Life is uncomfortable during those times.  Every day is hard.  But to get through it, we must keep moving.  We can’t always stop and wait for things to get better.  Sometimes we have to accept the current state of the situation and keep going anyway knowing that at some point in time things will ease up.

Just like going up that hill. Just like having to wait for my breathing to get back to normal.  I don’t stand at the mailbox and wait for it to return to normal.  I continue to walk (slowly if I must) but I continue.  I don’t stop.  And that’s how we get to the finish line.  By learning to slow down to a snails pace if necessary.  As long as we just keep moving.

This is what I am reminded of when I’m getting out there for that short 13-15 minute walk/jog.  It’s short but it’s training me once again to keep moving.  To not be stagnant.  To move forward however slow as long as I don’t give up.  And THAT is what it takes to fight this battle.  Slow and steady wins the race.  ALWAYS.

Here are my stats for this week:

You will see here I completed my 5 day streak.  Yesterday I actually got an extra half mile in but that wasn’t counting towards my challenge.  Amanda asked me to go for a walk so we did.  I still decided to track it even though it was more of a stroll :))




Here is today’s walk.  I wasn’t very fast today but I did it!




So it’s Friday but the kids are off school today so it feels like a Saturday.

My son is turning 10 on Sunday and we are having a birthday party for him.   For years my kids did not have birthday parties where other people were invited.  The physical stress of decorating and running around after a lot of kids was more than I could handle at 400 plus pounds.  It is really exciting that I can finally do things that seemed so impossible to me before.  Even this morning is a perfect example.  I hauled 5 bags of trash to the dump.  I got them out of the garage.  I put them in the trunk. I threw them over into the trash bin and I went home.  Seems simple right? NOPE.  Not for someone whose every step is painful.  Not for someone who can barely breathe half the time and has no strength to lift heavy bags.

It’s nice to fit in smaller pants but the real victory is being able to just live life again.  And to live it without so many limitations.  As we lose weight, physical limitations are lifted.  Exercise helps us with lifting those physical limitations as well.  But if you ask me, it’s the mental limitations that exercise helps to remove that helps more than anything!  This week we made progress there.  And we won’t stop now!

Thanks for coming with me on the journey!

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Sherri October 17, 2014 at 4:11 pm

Thank you for allowing us to go on this 5 Day Streak with you! I have been exercising at least 5 times a week since May. However recently I’ve started to become disenchanted with it. I’m not sure if its the change in seasons or if it’s my internal frustration with not feeling like I’m seeing the progress I feel I should be making given all the effort I’ve put into healthy living for the last 5 months. Either way, I was feeling like I was going to slowly move away from the exercise train when I read your challenge. That’s when I decided I would get up a little earlier each morning & change my routine a bit. I’ve really enjoyed my week on the treadmill watching Netflix before work. I had been either doing a Leslie Sansone (LOVE HER) video or Biggest Loser Power Walk, but I think I just needed a jump start. So thank you for going on this 5 Day Streak with me & helping me push forward. My goal now is to keep changing things up a bit to keep myself challenged to escape the boredom & hopefully the desire to quit.


Holly from 300 Pounds Down October 17, 2014 at 7:00 pm

this is awesome Sherri! First congratulations on having exercised 5 times a week since May. That is AWESOME! When I was regularly exercising I did learn that I had to switch things up or I would get bored. Also it would seem to stop working. It’s like our body adjusts to what we are doing. Homeostasis I believe it is called. I am also a huge Leslie fan. I think that I want to continue with my Leslie videos but the outside walk seems to be more mentally challenging to me and I need that. I don’t know if I will be able to continue if it snows but for now it is helping me. Thanks so much for coming along. I think you are map my walk and I’ve been seeing your updates. It is really keeping me motivated so thank you!!


Barb October 17, 2014 at 7:50 pm

It was a harder week to get outdoor walks in because of all the rain we had but it never stopped the pup whining at me wanting her walk! This is such a beautiful time of year for walks with all natures beauty going on!

I used to associate exercise with losing weight. Once I realized I just like to walk for stress relief and to refresh the mind it didn’t become a task anymore. Now if I could just get the healthy eating under control I’d feel better!


Jo October 17, 2014 at 8:16 pm

Congrats on your 5 day streak Holly. Day 4 is in the bag for me and I will finish up with day 5 tomorrow. Thank you so much for inspiring all of us who joined in. It’s true, we think we are the only people out there having to pound the pavement but in reality there are plenty of people doing the same thing, either for health, weight loss or weight maintenance. I don’t think I will ever walk outside again without thinking of Allen’s dog haha!

Keep up the good work and thank you so much.


Jessica October 17, 2014 at 9:16 pm

Great job, Holly! That’s awesome! And I so believe we are all stronger together. I think the internet is a blessing and a curse, but one of the truly great and powerful blessings is that we are able to connect with others who share similar experiences. I could “hear” the hope coming out of your post today…It’s contagious! I’ve been struggling this week (and I intend to limit it to this week, and not spin out of control), but you have inspired me to just get out there and move. Not because I think I can out-exercise poor food choices, but because it will give me hope, too. And some level of mental clarity. And a feeling of accomplishment, and help me remember that I may stumble, but I AM NOT A FAILURE! So, all this to say, you rock!


Holly from 300 Pounds Down October 18, 2014 at 12:07 am

Thank you Jessica! You are right too. I feel hope starting to blossom finally after this week. It’s amazing what small steps consistently will do! And like you said we can’t out exercise poor food choices. I think that is often why when I am not eating well I also don’t want to work out. I know that it won’t undo the food damage so why bother? But exercise for mental strength is always useful. And mental clarity like you said. I actually feel that this week I am thinking clearer than I have in awhile. I tend to get into circular thinking patterns where I just go around and around ending up no where. This week like you said I am remembering that to stumble does not equal failure. You said it. And you rock too!!! Thanks for your ongoing support. I appreciate it!


tb October 18, 2014 at 1:06 am

Dear Holly,
Losing weight is hard, no matter what. Breaking bad habits is really hard too. I wish I could go back to being a slim and healthy eater. I am trying. I have developed lots of bad habits in response to really difficult situations which I should not have had to tolerate in the first place!! If only those bad things did not happen then I would not have eaten poorly the way I did. I prayed all the time also. I guess I was praying for the wrong thing, because it seemed that God was answering my prayers by sending good people which I needed and had prayed for into my life. I was so sure that God was responding and so sure that He would not let me down. So, when these people came into my life, I assumed they came from God. Turned out they were horrible abusive people and I had to repeat that lesson many times over and I still cannot seem to get it right. I befriend people who are bad for me because I cannot believe God would ignore my pleas to send nice people into my life. I get so caught up on God helping me that I totally fail to recognize the wolves in sheep’s clothing. I chose very unhealthy friendships over and over again, not trusting my own judgement because I thought God was sending me nice people like I asked. I ended up having panic attacks and ground my teeth due to stress. Now my jaw joints are in terrible shape according to x-ray evidence. We were always worried about the teeth, so I had a mouth guard/night guard. We never looked at the jaw joints and finally x-rayed them, only to discover awful results. I wish that God would answer my prayers once and for all instead of punishing me for needing or wanting something. I also prayed that He would change me, like how you prayed to be changed as described in an earlier post. I even sought the advice of a priest. So I prayed very hard to be changed, but I felt really weird, like I was losing my personality permit and totally going against my own self, and becoming just a robot who can only want or need what society thinks a person should want or need. Well-intentioned people gave me advice, and in the end made me feel undeserving and then they went on to achieve everything they told me I was not yet ready for. It seemed that their opinions were so important at the time, yet they never did follow their own advice and now they are not even around, long gone without having kept in touch. I never should have listened to them. In the end God did not change me. He has not yet answered my prayers, and I actually began to pray twenty-seven years ago for the same thing and I still pray every day. That is why I liked the story of your brother marrying his first and true love thirty years later. Maybe after a total of thirty years I will finally get it right. Trouble is, I wanted to have my life sorted out before my mother ends up dying, because I really, really, really want to make her happy. Trouble is, she is already age seventy-nine, but is in good health. However, you never know at that age. I wonder if I will ever get it right? Should I even keep praying? I keep praying anyways it seems. I love when you quote the bible. I like your blog a lot. Prayers for both of us!!!!!! (Sorry for the long post by the way.)


Lori October 18, 2014 at 6:44 pm

Congratulations on setting a meeting your goal.

I hope you have a great birthday party.
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