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September 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

Happy Saturday! Here are the links I’m loving this week!


Leslie Sansone’s  Walk Social Page

Leslie Sansone walking videos are the PERFECT way to easily incorporate exercise into your life.

I actually just got a new Leslie video yesterday!! I can’t wait to try it.   Here it is:




If you go to the Walking Social page on her website you will be able to track your walks, access several full length free videos, and find a community of walkers to connect with.   There are challenges and other things happening to make your walking more fun.



This is a really great website.  It has a very large online community.  I really like the way they keep you interested when you sign up.  You earn points for different activities including reading articles and other things.   One of my blog readers (Pam) who often comments here is a member of this website and has a blog over there.  You can check it out HERE.  She is a great inspiration to me.  If you haven’t checked out this website yet go ahead and give it a try.  I think you’ll love it!

Listening to music while you walk is a really great way to keep a steady pace and always stay motivated.  I recently found this website and I’m enjoying it a lot.  You can enter in what pace you are walking at and then search by genre of music.  I know there are probably other websites that also help you find music to set the pace.  If you know of others please let me know!


Ruled Me

If you follow a low carb way of eating then you will love this website that I discovered last week!   I rarely talk about recipes on here because as I’ve mentioned before—the less time I spend focusing on food the better off I am!  However, we all have to eat, right?  I have found that this website has a lot of information and good ideas for low carb/ketogenic ways of eating.  If that is your plan check it out!


I hope you are having a great weekend!!!

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Pam Holmes September 27, 2014 at 3:16 pm

Thanks for the shout-out Holly! I do love Spark, have been a member since March 2010, although I removed my page for one day in October of that year, due to a personal conflict, before realizing I couldn’t lose weight without my Spark, and rejoining the very next day. I still try to go to Spark every single day, spin the wheel and keep the Spark going on this weight loss journey that we call LIFE!
Pam Holmes recently posted..The Innocent Pumpkin that Led to My RegainMy Profile


Pam Holmes September 27, 2014 at 3:20 pm

Oh, and I forgot to mention, the best part about Spark is that it’s absolutely FREE! I have never paid a cent to participate, although I do think there’s some programs, etc. that are for sale. Just the socialization and various motivational articles, recipes, blogs, etc. available there are enough for me without spending any money. I hate to push weight-loss products that cost money, makes me feel like a salesman, that’s why it’s so important to me that I always assure people: SPARK is FREE!!!
Pam Holmes recently posted..The Innocent Pumpkin that Led to My RegainMy Profile


Rhonda W September 27, 2014 at 9:27 pm

I love Sparkpeople also and it really helped me take my fitness to a new level. If you are a member be sure and friend me. My user name is Going-Strong! xoxo


Shay from Trashy Blog September 29, 2014 at 12:12 am

Thanks for the recs, Holly!
Shay from Trashy Blog recently posted..Throwback Thursday (on a Friday)My Profile


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