Christina Newman and Her Cancer Fight

September 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

Today I want to tell you about someone I have never met in real life but who has literally been one of my biggest inspirations and sources of encouragement.

In October of 2006, I got divorced.   And in October of 2006, Christina Newman started a YouTube channel.  Somehow we found each other that exact same month all those years ago.    If you were around back then you know that Youtube NOW is much different from Youtube then.  This was before people became “Youtube Personality” famous.  It was very new.

I was so desperately depressed and alone back then.  My husband had moved out.  I was totally alone in a new city with 4 children.  There were days I had no idea how I would survive.  I was very overweight and  it would be another 5 years before I started losing any real weight.  Back then I just felt utterly hopeless.  One day I stumbled (or God led me) to Christina’s youtube channel.  She was vlogging about her weight loss.  At that time, she was a single Mom and was engaged to someone she met on Catholic Match.  (So yes online dating does apparently work for some!)

Through the years I have always kept up with Christina.  She went through her highs and lows of weight loss.  But she was always honest.  Sometimes she would go off in one direction and sometimes another regarding her weight loss.  But she always was authentic and genuine.  She shared her life with the world.  And she became my friend.

I have followed her through her diet successes and failures.  Through heartbreaking stories she would share.  Through uplifting stories she would share! Whatever was going on—she shared it.  Christina was like no one I had ever met.  Oh wait—we never have met!!  But in so many ways I feel like I know her better than some people I’ve met in real life!

I started watching her back in 2006 when she was about a year away from planning her wedding.  Here we are 8 years later married with children!

But I remember when she got married.  I watched her wedding video and other events.  It was like I was a part of her life in some way through her youtube channel.  Eventually we began emailing each other. She would write me.  I would write her.  When I started my blog she always sent me encouraging messages.  All through the years she’s encouraged me. We never met but she was someone I really felt connected to.   And now here we are EIGHT years later.

Not long ago Christina had a beautiful baby named Ava.  Ava’s about a year old now.

Christina also was diagnosed with  triple negative breast cancer.  As usual, she went in guns blazing.  Always educating herself and fighting the good fight. Honestly she’s one of the biggest inspirations to me when it comes to arming yourself with all the knowledge you can and then fighting with faith against whatever opposition comes your way.

And this is no joke. She is fighting for her life. Her husband has been there every step of the way.  So has her adult daughter.

But regardless, here we are.

Here we are being told that if this doesn’t work then the next step is hospice.

I pray for Christina every day.  She is one of the best people that I have ever known.  If we lose her, the world is not as bright as it once was.

But she is still fighting. And we are still praying for a miracle.

Today I just wanted to let you know about Christina.  You can find her video channel HERE on Youtube.  All 8 years of them.

If you want to contribute to the cause to help with medical expenses you can go here   Help Christina

I usually never post any links that have to do with money.  But for this I will post a link.  Because she is a real person. A really AWESOME person.  And she needs help.

But whether you donate a dollar or not…PRAY.. If you are a praying person, please pray.  Regardless of what happens, I believe that Christina’s life has served a purpose.  She has impacted me in more ways than I could ever tell you.  I have followed her for 8 years and while it’s weird that someone could have this much of an impact on my life when Ive never met them—that is the reality.



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This is Christina’s last video update



Thanks for listening!

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Christy September 20, 2014 at 1:38 pm

Thank you for sharing her story. I am praying for her and her family and hope that she might be able to feel the love and light being shared by strangers, friends and family.
Christy recently posted..Tipsy Grazing – Girl in the WildMy Profile


cindy September 20, 2014 at 2:25 pm

Just letting you know that I will be hoping and praying for her. I have a friend on spark people that had that type of BC and is doing so well. She is older. She ate super healthy and also did reg. oncologist treatment. She somehow stayed positive and has come out really doing well.

I wish the same for your friend too.


Laura September 20, 2014 at 6:54 pm

I am subscribed to Christine on youtube. She really is awesome especially for showing what cancer looks like unvarnished. I think she’s doing a great service in documenting her life the good, bad , and ugly with this disease.


Steelers6 September 26, 2014 at 5:54 am

What a beautiful, strong family! I had tears; so sad. I’ll be praying for them-thanks for sharing this.
Please give little updates if possible.
Hugs, Chrissy


FoolyLiving October 27, 2014 at 9:52 am

I remember you. I had no idea you had gone on to lose so much weight. Congratulations. Yesterday, Christina passed away. We had never met in real life, but we have been friends on youtube for years. It was a horrible lose for everyone. Thank you for writing such a nice piece about her.


Jay October 28, 2014 at 3:57 pm

RIP Christina 🙁 we miss you!


Lisa November 1, 2014 at 12:27 pm

Thank you for this. She was special. I haven’t seen her since our high school years. It was only prior to our 20 year reunion that I got in touch via FB. She was inspiring. I wish I got to know her more than just passing. A genuine, real beautiful soul. RIP.


wayne January 9, 2016 at 5:11 am

Praise God! You look great and I am proud of you for fighting.The Lord loves you.The evil one wanted you defeated but the son of God wanted to protect you .I rejoice for you and I praise God.


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