End of 30/30 Challenge–Thoughts!

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So this is going to be my last post on my 30/30 Challenge.  I believe that technically I have a day or two of this challenge left (although I somewhat lost count at a point lol)  But I wanted to wrap it up today with some thoughts on how this went.


Crockpot Challenge

I found some new recipes with this challenge and definitely got back into the habit of using my crockpot.

Thanks to my friend Donna and others  who sent me some awesome recipes!!  It helped a lot.

At the end of the day, I found that I am still that person who needs LESS variety in my meal planning.

After 2 years on this journey, I still struggle when I spend too much time looking for recipes or preparing food.

For me, simple is best.

I also found that after all the recipes I tried….salsa chicken STILL remains my go-to favorite and staple.

I could probably eat this on a daily basis and never tire of it. In fact this is what I ate last night.

I often throw the salsa chicken in a salad and it eliminates the need for extra dressing


You put chicken tenderloins in the crockpot and throw salsa on it.  DONE!

When it is finished, I add sour cream and mix it in to my portion.  The kids love it too.

SO…this week I am going back to what works for me.   And it’s the basic simple plan of the following:

Mostly shakes during the day

Greek salad (lettuce, black olives, feta cheese, banana peppers, cucumbers, Ken’s Greek Salad Dressing)

Chicken  (variations…salsa chicken….baked chicken w/ low carb sauces)

Deli Ham/Turkey and cheese (no bread)

It’s simple but it also feels safe to me

I can do it without thinking

It gets my mind off of FOOD

And it works 🙂

Bible Study

I wish I had done better in this category.  I wasn’t able to do a full 30 minutes every day as planned.

Well let me correct that….I was ABLE to but I didn’t always do it.

This is an area though I need to work on

When I get up in the morning and spend my time praying and studying the Bible before anything else

I find myself far more equipped to handle the day

There is no doubt in my mind that I need this more than anything because I need the strength, faith and hope that it gives me

One of the main reasons I feel it is important for me (as someone who has struggled with weight and other issues) to study God’s Word

Is because I need to remind myself that I am loved, worthy, and treasured by God

Maybe that sounds selfish but I think so many of us out there who have been through severe obesity need to know this

If you’ve been through rejection, insecurity, obesity, addiction, divorce….any difficult situation that left you feeling like a failure

Then often you end up in bondage to the following list of things (which came from a Bible Study I was doing)

From It’s Vital To Love Yourself

  1. – Self-rejection; not accepting yourself, always beating up on yourself, not happy with the person that God made you, etc.
  2. – Self-hatred; hating the person who God made in you, considering yourself ugly, dumb, clumsy, etc.
  3. – Unforgiveness or bitterness; when a person continues to hold things against themselves, such as something in their past that was embarrassing, gross, or that they are still ashamed of (even after repentance).
  4. – Being hard on oneself; always beating up on yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, etc. Always seeing yourself as worthless, or pushing to reach irrational goals just to feel good about yourself.
  5. – Low self-esteem; always seeing yourself as a failure, or less than those around you.
  6. – Ashamed of yourself; refusing to forgive yourself from something in your past.
  7. – Feeling ugly or stupid; seeing yourself as ugly, worthless, stupid,  good for nothing, etc.


When I read that list, I thought…WOW

Can you imagine walking around feeling these things about yourself

And still trying to FUNCTION in daily life?

This is a WEIGHT that will press you so far down you will see nothing but darkness

And how can we even begin to do healthy things for ourselves if we feel we are undeserving?

How will we ever find the courage to walk around the neighborhood in public if we feel that we are disgusting?

Sometimes WE are the voice that is beating up on ourselves more than any other voice out there

This is why it’s so important that we study God’s promises, internalize them, and believe them

Especially those that remind us of His Love!











This area is probably where I made the most progress!

I managed to get back into some routines that had fallen by the wayside

As a result, it is Monday morning and the laundry is all done for the week

Dishes are clean

Groceries are bought

And all my kids had socks that matched this morning!!

My friend, Krystal, is a great organizer and she helped me to accomplish a lot

Sometimes we need to learn to rely on the strengths of others to help us out!

This week I still have a few things to accomplish in the area of paperwork/filing but now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel

Procrastination is always an issue for me so I have to keep on top of it



Today I am going with my daughter to get our cars inspected

I got a ticket once for not doing that for no reason other than pure procrastination

Believe it or not, procrastination DOES affect my weight loss journey

Because when I procrastinate on something important

I start to panic

Which makes me anxious

And leads to FOOD


When I get stressed out and overwhelmed by a messy house or undone tasks

All I want to do is EAT

So keeping on top of these things DOES help me stay on track in the area of food!


Working Out

I am happy to say that I have gotten back into the routine of working out

My main routine is:

Recumbent Bike (10 minute warm up)

Elliptical ( I am up to 16 minutes now!!  I started with something like 2-5 minutes and I’ve been adding 30 seconds a day or every other day)

Treadmill (30 minutes alternating walking/jogging)

Legs/Arms alternate strength training days

I also upgraded to the black card at Planet Fitness so I could bring my daughter, Annabelle,  with me as a guest when she wants to come

photo 1-9 photo 2-10

Another perk of the black card is that I get to use the massage chair after I’m done working out

photo 2-11

And I can FIT in the massage chair which never stops being awesome!

photo 1-10 photo 3-6



I wanted to thank all of you that followed me on this challenge!!

I appreciate your support and encouragement so much!!


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Melanie March 31, 2014 at 2:21 pm

Great recap Holly! & THANK YOU again for inspiring me to do this challenge. I had some ups and downs myself but I feel that overall I have been successful and more focused. I have 2 days left and then I will be writing a recap.
I am also a PF Black Card member and in addition to the massage chairs, the one I go to has a massage bed- which is AMAZING! If you get a chance to try it, do it! I was using the chairs for about a month before I got up the courage to try it and it was so worth it!
Melanie recently posted..30/30 Challenge: Days 26, 27 & 28My Profile


Anneli March 31, 2014 at 2:45 pm

Thanks so much. I sent your Bible quotations to my sister who struggles with everything. I’m trying again too. With God’s help we can do this!
Anneli recently posted..Great start!My Profile


ophir03 March 31, 2014 at 3:43 pm

Holly, I have loved reading your updates! You have inspired me to do my own 30 day challenge in April. 30 days of workouts and 30 days of spring cleaning! Both are badly needed.

Thanks for your fun posts!


Lori April 1, 2014 at 4:30 pm

Congratulations. You made some real progress in every area.

I am like you with food choices. I need to keep it simple. My husband is fine with eating the same thing over and over as well so that works out great.
Lori recently posted..Going, Going, GoneMy Profile


Anna April 2, 2014 at 1:42 pm

Congratulations on the progress! It was so nice to see you enjoy the relaxation chair too! I agree on the procrastination issue. I tend to eat just to look for a way to ease my anxiety about a task I don’t want to do. I look forward to more reading of your blog!!!


Eleazar April 3, 2014 at 6:07 am

You are my hero! I feel like I need inspiration to get anything done, and you have sure inspired me. I have suffered scoliosis since I was 16 and at 20 I got corrective spine surgery (this past summer), during the scoliosis years I gained a lot of weight. I felt that the disfigurement I had in my spine could be seen by others and therefore they would judge me, I managed to gain so much weight during this time that my scoliosis problem could not be seen at all to someone who hasn’t known me. Now after the surgery all those feelings and emotions still stayed, especially the ones that make me feel like crap… I have lost a lot of weight by taking long walks, but I’m just not sure how to bury those dark corners. I know that being strong and having faith is very important, thank you for being that inspiration many of desperately need! 😉


Susan April 5, 2014 at 2:04 am

Holly thanks for the challenge. I did better than I predicted. It was fun and I plan tokeep going. I enjoyed reading your updates and your reader’s comments.

Drink a minimum of 30 ounces water every day – done 100%
Exercise a minimum of 30 minutes every day – done 95%
Love myself where I am and plan to meet my challenge – done 99%
Clean house for 30 minutes each day – done 70%
Overcome my craving to eat before bed – done 99%
Use MyFitnessPal everyday to log my food – done 95%
Eat more whole unprocessed foods – done 90%


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