Own Your Monday—Here’s How!!

February 10, 2014 in Uncategorized




So it’s Monday….again

And you know what THAT means!!

It’s the start to a new week

Which can either be totally awesome

Or totally depressing

Depending on how you view it


Let’s say you’re trapped in a cycle right now

A downward free falling spiral into the pit

Because you haven’t worked out

You ate three bags of chips this weekend

And you pretty much know that Monday means more of the same

Because no matter how miserable you feel about the situation

You just can’t seem to put the brakes on and make a U-Turn


If you’ve felt this way

Then welcome to my world!!!

This is me on many different occasions

This has been me in the past

Sometimes this IS me in the present

And I know for a fact this will be me again in the future

Because I ride the roller coaster we call life

And it takes us for dips and turns like it or not


But the good news is this

No matter how bad you’re free falling right now into that miry pit

You can stop the slow fade and turn it around

You just have to reach out and grab onto something

In the midst of that free fall!


Like a person who is literally falling down a hole

Reaches out for something


To grab on to that will slow down the descent

Or anchor them in some way

So they can begin the climb back UP to the light!!


After losing 240 pounds and crawling my way slowly out of hell

I found myself once again slipping backwards into bad habits

I know now that this is something that we all must guard against

No matter how long it’s been or how much success you’ve had

We all can fall into that pit

Because none of us are perfect

We’re all susceptible to temptations

Everyone faces trials

And the war never truly ends


SO…if you’ve lost the current battle

Know this

You did NOT lose the war!

All you need is to anchor yourself to something

Like a person who is spinning in circles

Picks one focal point on the wall to look at

To keep their balance

That’s what we need to do to get back on track


I’ve spent the past few weeks looking for my anchors

Those habits and routines that help me own my life

Instead of letting it own me

And the secret to helping myself out of that pit

Is to choose things that I know I can win at

Because if I’m knee deep in a box of donuts

Then telling myself that I have to change everything at once

Only serves to depress me


Instead I forgive myself

And I start with some easygoing habits

Things I know I can do

Because once you add these things into your daily routine

They will grow

They will multiply

And they will work their way into your mindset

Like magic–they will begin to overpower the negative habits and thoughts

And strength will rise from within you to tackle the things you previously thought

You’d never overcome


So if you want to get out of that pit

And start owning Monday

Try adding a few of these things into your day



I restarted my water habit a few weeks ago

And I only wish I could explain to you how much this helped me

Here’s the posts I wrote when I re-started the habit

Here and Here

Even if you’re still eating the worst possible junk food that is out there

And laying on your couch surfing every instant watch movie on Netflix

Then while you’re cramming the junk food in and channel surfing

Drink water!

And drink it out of a water bottle that you’ve selected to inspire you

YES–You need an inspiring water bottle!!

Make it a big deal

Make it a routine

Make it a habit

You are going to be shocked at how your confidence grows when you prove to yourself

That you CAN do healthy things for your body even in spite of how bad you feel otherwise

Even in spite of the otherwise harmful things you may still be doing to your body!

But as you engage in this daily habit, you will be building up the confidence you need to progress forward


2.  30 Seconds of Exercise

So you ask me

How is only 30 seconds of exercise OWNING Monday?!

Well if you are someone who is already running marathons and mountain climbing

Then by all means…keep it up!!

But if you are currently knee deep in your Netflix Queue having already polished off half the Krispy Kreme Box

Then I’m talking to you

Because you and I both know that you CAN do 30 seconds of movement

Even if you swing your arms around in the chair for 30 seconds

While I was busy having my pity party for months in a row

Over my total derailment off of the weight loss journey

I had one recurring theme entering my mailbox every time I opened the email

And it was from people I have met over the past few years through my blog, twitter or myfitnesspal

And they kept telling me

“Hey Holly…you can get back up!  Just remember….30 SECONDS AT A TIME!!!”

And I LOVED that

Because they reminded me of what I already knew

And it’s THIS….



One very inspiring friend of mine who went from not running at all

To now running marathons

Reminded me of my all time FAVORITE quote today

When she posted this on Facebook


We must never forget this


It’s the reason why the tortoise/turtle has become my inspiration!

Over the past 2.5  years, I have embodied the tortoise

And you know what….IT WORKS FOR ME

The turtle/tortoise means so much to my journey towards a healthy lifestyle

That I have written about it countless times over the last few years!

Be the Tortoise

Plodding to Victory

My Turtle Ring

My Turtle Necklace


Do 30 seconds today

Then 2 seconds more Tuesday

Then 2 seconds more Wednesday

It adds up

It WILL make a difference

And never forget

Dead Last

Is greater than Did Not Finish

Which trumps

Did Not Start

Come on…..you can do this!!!!



3.  Download an APP  that will motivate you

I recently downloaded the Lift App

It’s awesome!!


It’s a social app somewhat like Twitter and Facebook

You can write updates and see other people’s updates who are working on the same goal

You get messages to your phone that say things like “You’re on a 3 day streak drinking water!!!

Or so-and-so gave you props for going to the gym!

You can set your own goals or join goals others are doing

Out of every app I have ever downloaded regarding habits, routines and goals

This trumps ALL of them

That’s how much I love it and how much it has helped me

One of my goals is “10 Before 10”

10 minutes of exercise before 10 am

And I’m on a streak y’all !

So go get it!!



4.  Stop Trashing Your Thought Life!!

Here’s the deal

We all have automatic thoughts that we don’t even realize are going through our brain

Things like

“I hate to exercise”

“I will never change”

“I’m lazy”

“I suck at life”

Ok maybe your thoughts don’t trash you as badly as mine do at times

But the point is this…


Your thoughts are like petals in the wind

They blow by you all day long

And you decide which to keep and which to delete

Even though you are NOT your thoughts

You CAN BECOME your thoughts

If you keep thinking them

That’s eerie ….huh?


Not that long ago I wrote an entire post on here

About how after 2.5 years of incorporating exercise into my life

I still hate it

Totally motivating to hear that…right??

But here’s the thing

Today I went to the gym and walk/jogged 2.5 miles

And I totally didn’t hate it at all!

In fact, I was kind of pumped about it

I’m not going to lie

In general, I don’t love exercise

And I’d almost always choose the couch over the treadmill if I allowed it

But I also can’t really sit here and tell you I completely hate it either

I always hate the beginning of it

I always hate almost the entire first mile of it

But usually after awhile I settle in and start not loathing it at all

So what was up with the day where I wrote all about how much I hate it?

Well…those were my thoughts that day

And as I tend to do…..I overgeneralize my thoughts

I say things like ….ALWAYS and NEVER a lot

Like things will NEVER change

Or…I will ALWAYS be this way

If you tell yourself that every day

Then that thought will become your reality


So how do you change that?

Well…you have to consciously start thinking the right thoughts

Even if you think it’s completely dumb and pointless

Even if you feel really stupid doing it

Because the habits you form are often based on what identity you internalize

I read an article called Identity Based Habits and I thought it was a really solid explanation of this concept

If you think you are lazy….then you will become lazy

If you think you are weak…you will become weak

If you think you are incapable of changing….then you will become incapable of changing

But it’s because you believe that is part of your core identity

I struggled for years and years trapped inside the prison of my own body

I didn’t believe that I could change

Because I believed that was who I WAS

That it was inherently in my core being to fail

And I still revert back to that identity at times

I struggled with this over the past year

Constantly reverting back to the negative thoughts

Constantly reverting back to my old defeated identity

But I know without a doubt that if we feed our mind with the right thoughts

It will seep into our heart and change our mindset

Maybe not at first

But day after day if you keep feeding your mind with the right thoughts

It will alter your identity!!!


If you are a Christian for example

You can feed yourself these thoughts

To align with the identity that will empower you


Knowing Who I Am in Christ

I am far from oppression, and fear does not come near me (Isaiah 54:14).

I am a new creature in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17).

I am more than a conqueror  (Romans 8:37).

I am an overcomer (Revelation 12:11).

I am the head and not the tail; I am above and not beneath (Deuteronomy 28:13).

I am greatly loved by God (Romans 1:7Ephesians 2:4Colossians 3:121 Thessalonians 1:4).

I press on toward the goal to win the prize  (Philippians 3:14).


Whatever thoughts you choose to feed your mind

Make sure they match the identity you want for yourself

You can own today

By owning your thoughts

So look in the mirror and say

“You are beautiful”

And keep saying it every single day

Until you believe it

Because no matter your weight

No matter what you see on the outside





Oh this is as important as air

When we get depressed and down on ourselves

Laughter is as elusive to us as anything

It’s so true what they say

You can either laugh or cry


Your circumstance may seem hopeless

But find a way to spin it around

Find some smidgeon of good in it

Choose to be the glass half FULL person

I absolutely loved the T-Mobile commercials where Tim Tebow

Made a joke out of the fact that he never got a contract to play football with any team

He laughed at himself

He looked for the positive in what seems like the negative

Yeah I know it’s an ad for T-Mobile

But you get the point


If you think you can’t laugh at yourself


My kids and I still laugh at the time I got stuck in the tub

Trust me—it wasn’t funny AT ALL

Especially not at the time

The fact that I was too big to get out of the tub

Was totally traumatizing really…

But we found the humor in it, ok??

And that’s what we HAVE to do to get through life sometimes


So here’s how to own Monday

1. Drink Water

2. Move for at least 30 seconds

3.Download an app that will motivate you

4. Stop trashing your thoughts



Now tell me how you’re owning YOUR Monday?

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Katie @ thecarbmonster February 10, 2014 at 6:47 pm

All of those Netflix references are my life haha! Thanks for the motivational post! I love the quote “first change your mind, and then your body will follow”.
Katie @ thecarbmonster recently posted..Hey FridayMy Profile


Holly from 300 Pounds Down February 10, 2014 at 10:52 pm

Yes my Netflix obsession is showing LOL !!


Nicola February 10, 2014 at 10:16 pm

Great post Holly, am SO glad you’re blogging again.

I was having a really bad day last Friday, but when I got into work and turned over the page of my motivational desk calendar it read: Be kind to yourself. It’s hard to be happy when someone is being mean to you all the time.

So I stopped, laughed and lightened up because it reminded me that we definitely DO create our reality with our thoughts!

From then on, I had a much better day.


Holly from 300 Pounds Down February 10, 2014 at 10:52 pm

I love that Nicola!!


Tess February 10, 2014 at 10:48 pm

Training for my 5K in 5 days…I GOT THIS!!! I OWN MY MONDAY!! 😀


Holly from 300 Pounds Down February 10, 2014 at 10:51 pm



Zinnia February 11, 2014 at 4:21 am

Nice tips! I really don’t like Monday’s but I think I will learn to love it with your tips. Thank you.


Hope February 11, 2014 at 4:58 am

Riding my bike 15 min. a day to start. Last week i started drinking more water and keeping track of it.


Kerstin February 11, 2014 at 10:54 am

Me too, very happy that you are posting again! About a week ago I finally admitted to myself that I suffer from sleep apnea, it kind of crept up on me over the last year in line with the pounds. After a very scary night of obstructing I finally decided that this was it, I have to do something about this weight. I am going to be 51 this week and am at the heaviest I have ever been and I have been feeling so hopeless, like I can never trust myself to get out of this. But the apnea experience scared me enough to take this serious. I have started using a CPAP and thankfully that is helping a lot! And because I sleep better again I also feel more energetic and positive during the day which helps motivate me to make the changes needed. As do you, you have no idea (or maybe you do, you should!) how much your writing and sharing of your own story is helping others like me. What also really helped me get going were these words by another blogger who was writing on the topic of ageing, she said: “How you are living your life right now is the very best
indicator of how you will feel 10 or 20 years from now.” That brings it all in perspective, doesn’t it? Anyway, thank you so much, Holly!
Kerstin recently posted..a plan of sortsMy Profile


Sandra February 12, 2014 at 2:25 am

I found your website when I was investigating gastric bypass surgery.

Although I have decided that the surgery is not for me, your website and posts inspire me… thank you for sharing your journey and thoughts. I plan on being a regular visitor.

keep up the great work!


Nancy March 10, 2014 at 8:52 pm

Hi Holly,

I read this post again a month after you posted it. I really needed this message on this Monday! I am trying to get started again with exercising as well as working on eating better again (I’ve also slipped into some old, unhealthy eating habits). Your message to just start with 30 seconds of exercise was one thing I really needed to hear today. I took a short walk at work, and I definitely felt better after doing it. Thanks so much for all of your inspiration and wise thoughts. You always inspire me, even when you are struggling through tough times!



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