The Water Habit, Lemons, Straws and Life Lessons

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Today I continue with the water habit

I simply cannot emphasize what a great habit this is for someone new to weight loss

Or someone trying to break free from destructive overeating or binge eating

No matter who you are–you can do this!!

Doesn’t it get old when you start a weight loss program only to realize that you cannot even do the first step?

You have to start modifying the program right out of the gate!

But with this step, we are all on an even playing field!

Whether you’re 500 pounds or 115—it just doesn’t matter

We all have it in us to complete the goal of drinking water every day

I have often passed over this as if it was a footnote to weight loss

“Yeah…yeah….drink water….whatever”

Every diet tells you to do it

But the reality is that this habit WILL make a huge difference in your day

But you must latch on to it and make it an integral part of your day

Get a water bottle you love and carry it around like a security blanket

Make it your right hand man

Never leave home without it…..just like your purse goes with you everywhere

When I first started out on the weight loss journey, I started drinking water first thing in the morning

It was a top priority to me

It helped me to break out of the soda addiction I had struggled with for years

But somewhere along the way I got out of doing this

I just slowly let it slide

Now that I am back to carrying my water bottle with me everywhere I go

I realize instantly how much it curbs my appetite

I lost 2 pounds by doing absolutely nothing different except adding the water habit back into my day

It curbs my appetite and cuts down on the amount of times through the day I feel suddenly ravenous

As a result I am eating less simply because I am not feeling hunger as often now

Do not underestimate the importance of water!

Now here are a few tips on incorporating water into your day


I noticed several people have left me comments saying that drinking through a straw helps

I have read this as well on other blogs and message boards

My water bottle has a built in straw

I cannot deny that I prefer drinking my water with  a straw as well

So if this works for you…go crazy with straws!

Brevity - bvp_c100623.jpg

2. Drink Warm Lemon Water in the morning instead of coffee

I just discovered this idea and I love it!

Now anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE my coffee

But any way that I can get water into my system is a good idea

So I am starting my day with this

Still drinking my coffee later BUT starting with this is turning out to be great!

I had no idea of the multiple benefits of drinking lemon water

There are lots of ways this helps you but here are a few

  • promotes digestion (gets things moving!)
  • Boosts immune system (lemons contain Vitamin C and other things)
  • Balances PH levels (From what I’ve read this is important)
  • Curbs hunger cravings (woo hoo!!)

So this week I decided to substitute my morning cup of coffee for hot water with lemon

Here it is!


It is surprisingly good and soothing

I am not giving my coffee up…but I don’t mind starting the day this way!

Tell me this is not an easy way to get more water in!

As my theme of this week is water, I wanted to include some inspirational quotes



Water is pretty amazing when you think about it

Who would think that water could carve through rock?

Or wear and erode something down over time?

But it does!

Oh it doesn’t happen instantly or overnight

But if water is persistent in its endeavor


And so it goes with weight loss!!

We must learn to be like the water


Never giving up

It will take time but drop by drop we will get there!

One pound at a time!

If you think that one step in the right direction will not be enough to help you

If you are laying in your bed right now at 400, 500 or 600 pounds

Thinking that working on the water habit won’t make a difference

Then let me show you what one drop of water looks like in action!


Do you see how that ONE DROP causes all those ripples?

If you watch it in slow motion, you can see as it widens

That one drop puts something in motion

And that principle applies to our life as well!


Here is an excerpt from the Poem “Drop a Pebble in the Water” by James W. Foley

Drop a pebble in the water:
just a splash, and it is gone;
But there’s half-a-hundred ripples
Circling on and on and on,
Spreading, spreading from the center,
flowing on out to the sea.
And there is no way of telling
where the end is going to be.

Drop a pebble in the water:
in a minute you forget,
But there’s little waves a-flowing,
and there’s ripples circling yet,
And those little waves a-flowing
to a great big wave have grown;
You’ve disturbed a mighty river
just by dropping in a stone.

The little things really can make a difference

Never underestimate the power that one drop of water will do!

And it is the same with our lives even if we take one tiny step in the right direction

With every sip from that water bottle, you are creating ripples of new habits in your life!!

Last but not least…here is a great song about Water!!

It reminds us that God is living Water in our lives

Just like the water….He is persistent in His love for us

Never giving up on us

Just like one drop of water creates ripples

Faith works the same way

One small step in faith grows into great things!

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Shelley January 29, 2014 at 7:11 pm

You just get better and better Holly! I just started my pre-op diet and am using your site as one of my supports to get through this. Thanks a million! I believe God brought me to your site because He knows I’m going to need all the help I can get to get through this! I’m drinking my water and now can’t wait to go find a water bottle that will inspire me! Keep up the good work!! We need you!!


Shannon January 29, 2014 at 10:12 pm

This is great! I love to drink water from my Contigo bottle. I have two of them (bought them on Amazon) and I love them. It has a push button so you can take sips one-handed, and when you let go, it’s sealed automatically. It sounds like a small thing, but it’s way more convenient than taking a lid off of a water bottle or having a bottle that can possibly spill. I take it everywhere with me! I sound like an ad for this bottle, but I’m not (LOL)… I just love it and it makes a huge difference, like you said, to have a bottle you love to drink from!

Here’s the link if anyone is interested:


Holly from 300 Pounds Down January 29, 2014 at 10:39 pm

I just ordered one!! Thanks !!


LHA January 30, 2014 at 4:36 am

I downloaded one of the “water” apps you suggested right before bedtime last night and I have used it all day today. It really made a difference! Thanks for all the suggestions and support you give to all of us. Raising my water glass and mentally clinking it to your water bottle in a toast!


Joy January 30, 2014 at 9:57 am

Hi holly, I just bought a water with an infuser in it! I love it! Thought it might interest you checkout my laster blog post for details. :).


Lori January 30, 2014 at 2:07 pm

I love the warm lemon water. I used to do that and I can’t remember why now, but I quit. I’m glad for the reminder. I’m going to start back on that today.
Lori recently posted..Just For FunMy Profile


Colleen White January 30, 2014 at 11:42 pm

It’s interesting that you are talking about water, Holley. I was never a water drinker, drank tons of coffee and soda but almost no water at all. Since my surgery (5 months ago) I have had no coffee and no soda. My surgeon absolutely recommends against using straws so I don’t do that either. I still have a hard time getting the minimum (64 oz) in every day but am working on it. The point I wanted to make is that a few weeks ago it dawned on me that water is really the only thing that God created for us to drink. He has a plan for everything in our life and I believe that part of that plan is for us to drink lots of this wonderful beverage that He created for every living thing on this planet. When I look at my water that way it becomes much more appealing to me. Keep on posting, sweet lady, you have no idea how much you help and motivate with each and every post. You have an awesome gift with words!


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