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So it was Labor Day on Monday

And that’s also trash day

I assumed that because it was a holiday

They wouldn’t come to pick up my trash

I thought maybe they’d come Tuesday instead

I didn’t call to check

I didn’t ask a neighbor

I just assumed that would be the case

So I didn’t roll the can down to the road

Even though it was full to overflowing

I was just SURE that they weren’t going to come

And then they DID

That means I have to wait an entire week for them to come back

And it will NOT be a fun week

Because the trash was already full

And it REALLY needed to be emptied!

I live in a house with 4 kids and myself

Where plenty of trash accumulates

But now if I don’t want trash piling up

And bugs taking over

I have to load my trash in the car

Drive it to the dump

Pay 25 dollars

And then haul it out of my car and dump it myself

All of this because I didn’t call the city to MAKE SURE

That they weren’t coming yesterday

So as I was thinking

About the extra work and money this mistake is going to cost me

It reminded me of the weight loss journey

Because when you’re making an effort to lose weight

Holidays will come

It could be a birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas

Some special occasion

And you’ll say to yourself

It’s a holiday!

So I get a day off!

I don’t have to follow any rules of my weight loss plan today!

I don’t have to workout

I don’t have to eat right

In fact I can just do absolutely nothing

And it won’t matter

Because it’s a holiday…right??

So somehow this day won’t count against me

Whatever I do on THIS day can’t hurt me

It’s a free pass!

But then tomorrow comes

The holiday is over

And suddenly we realize that the assumption we made

About how it didn’t matter

Was not valid at all

If we decided to let the food pile up around us

If I decided to eat a boatload of sugar because it was a holiday

Then tomorrow my scale will reflect it

But more than that my body will be crying out for more

Because in spite of the belief I held yesterday that the holiday is a free pass

I wake up today knowing I will have to re-lose the pounds I gained

Detox off the sugar I ate

And get back on track

It was a holiday on Monday

And I didn’t put out the trash

I just assumed the holiday meant I had a free pass

Because I could just push it out tomorrow

But that wasn’t the case

And now I’ll have to either let trash overflow

Or go out of my way to dump it myself

When I meet up with a holiday in my weight loss journey

I often want to do the same thing

I want to take a free pass

But if I do that

I often find myself more off track than ever before

Having to do a ton of extra work to get back on track

Than I would ever have had to do

Had I just stayed on the path to begin with

I’ve been analyzing how I got so off track to begin with

And I’m pretty sure it had to do with some holiday

It could have been my birthday

One of the kids birthdays

And a slice of cake with ice cream I never should have eaten

How could something so minor

Sidetrack me for months at a time?

Because when you’re ME

It only takes one day

And sometimes…..

It only takes one BITE

Then there you are waking up to your life overflowing

With pounds you’ll have to re-lose

And extra work you never would have had to do

Had you just stayed the course!

There are other areas of life that are like this

Areas where we let “trash” accumulate

It could be unforgiveness we hold onto when people have hurt us

It could be bad habits we don’t want to let go of

It could be clutter that rises up and threatens to overtake us

And we think if we just let the mail pile up THIS ONE TIME

It won’t matter

If we forego doing the dishes tonight….they’ll magically be gone tomorrow

If we continue to feed those bad habits…they won’t multiply

If we allow unforgiveness to linger….it won’t grow into bitterness

Only it does

And before we know it

Our whole lives are trashed

All because we decided to let it pile up

Instead of pushing it out to the road

The amount of time it takes us to just push our trash outside

Is nothing compared to the amount of time and work we’ll have to put in

When we let it pile up

I’ve had to learn this lesson a thousand times

Only to learn it all over again

But one thing I know to be true is this

It pays off


The same way it pays off

To just dump the unforgiveness

Spend 10 minutes going through the mail

15 minutes doing the dishes

Or going for that walk

Or cooking that chicken instead of going through the drive thru

When we think it will take too long

We have to remember how much longer it will take

If we let ourselves go off track

Now I have to drive 10 miles and pay 25 dollars to dump my trash this week

When I could have just walked it out to the curb for free in 2 minutes

Now I have to re-lose 12 pounds I gained

Because I decided to eat a slice of chocolate cake with ice cream a few months ago

When I could have just said no to the cake and kept my sanity

Holidays come

Holidays go

But one thing remains the same

A sugar addict is always a sugar addict

No matter what holiday the calendar says it may be

There is no day it won’t affect you

So when you take the risk

You need to know that whether it’s a holiday or not

The risk still applies

The same is true of taking out our trash

When our trash can is already full

Of whatever physical  things we may have tossed in there

Or even the emotional baggage we may hold on to

We can’t really afford to forego “trash” day

We must take the time to dump our baggage

Instead of letting it pile up

Even though we may not want to take the time to do it

In the end we are saving time by getting it done

Instead of letting it pile up and overflow into our life

Making a manageable situation suddenly look insurmountable

It may seem trash day has given me far too many deep thoughts!!

But if my trash can teach me a lesson

I’ll take it!

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Trish September 4, 2013 at 2:17 pm

Nope, no free passes each day our decisions we make count.
Trish recently posted..Veggies…Why Eat Them?My Profile


Jack Sh*t September 4, 2013 at 2:57 pm

Well, I took my trash down to the road and they DIDN’T come because of the holiday. That taught me a very valuable lesson, too, but because I didn’t write it down, I’ve completely forgotten what it was…


Laine September 4, 2013 at 5:12 pm

I loved this post. So much wisdom, and “in the midst of difficulty lies opportunity” but only if you seek it out as you did, Holly, finding the invaluable lesson. I have a renewed resolve to dump the trash of unforgiveness, and the bitterness and resentment that it has festered, together with the by-product of excess pounds from emotional overeating. Thanks so much for sharing your illuminating insight once more.


Sheryl Chandler September 4, 2013 at 8:51 pm

Great insight and so true!
Sheryl Chandler recently posted..Stressing and De-stressingMy Profile


robin September 7, 2013 at 1:40 am

I never thought about being a sugar addict, but maybe I am. all summer Ive been eating clean and skipping the sweets. Ive lost 25 pounds. What amazes me is I totally don’t miss the sugar because its no longer in my system. I was the type of person that ate 2 candy bars not one and then the rest of the day ate all kinds of sugar because I craved it. Not anymore, im free! So maybe I was hooked to sugar. All I know is I wont eat it now because its just going to stir up those cravings.


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