My Visit to see Amanda

June 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

Last month I went to visit Amanda

My best friend since I was about 14 years old

She came to visit me last year

But I had never gone to see her

Mainly because until recently I could not fit on a plane

Secondly because I had anxiety about flying alone

Those two things…my weight and my anxiety problems

Have kept me locked up in my house for years

But breaking free is a process

And I finally made it to Amanda’s house

In order to get there I had to take a second plane that was SMALL

At least it felt small to me


We had to change planes and walk to this one

That alone could have been an issue for me 240 pounds ago

There was a woman struggling on crutches

And it was quite an ordeal for her to get up the stairs we had to climb

I held her bag for her and helped her to get up the stairs

All the while thinking to myself that I would never have been able to do this

2 years ago


Amanda and I had the best time together

We talked so much for so many days

That I actually lost my voice!!!

Her children are absolutely wonderful

Her husband grilled every single night that I was there




For me it was the perfect way to renew my motivation

In this way of eating

Protein shakes during the day

Meat and a vegetable/salad at night


Amanda made salsa chicken

It is very easy and yummy!!

Basically she cooks the chicken

And pours the salsa over it

She adds shredded cheese

I have also made this before in the crockpot

Sometimes I add sour cream to it



The other nights we ate chicken, steak, pork chops and salmon

And she even made Gazpacho!!!


I had never had it before and it was delicious

Plus it was something I am able to eat while on my food plan

I was in low carb heaven!

I actually lost over 10 pounds while I was there!!


Amanda lives in a beautiful area

We went for walks and I even broke into a little jog




The scenery was beautiful

It reminded me of that book/movie “Anne of Green Gables”


This was the vacation that I really needed

To get myself back on track

Because when I came here to visit Amanda

I had fallen into a pit of depression

And had let some sugar slip into my life again

I was stalled out and struggling to get back on track


We had so much fun

We went shopping

And I saw this yarn sitting in a bin



It immediately made me think of spaghetti

And thenI wanted spaghetti

That’s how my mind works!!!

It can find a way to turn yarn into pasta!


Instead of “feeding” that urge

We got pedicures!



While at the mall

We did head to the food court

But only when WE decided to

And not because that yarn triggered me to eat spaghetti!!!!

We went to Chick Fil A

Where I got a grilled chicken salad

Basically whenever I go anywhere, this is my go-to food choice

So here is the food court



And guess what is IN the food court????




That was something I had never seen before

A Planet Fitness in a food court!!

I suppose this could work one of two ways

Either it makes the people eating feel guilty

And want to join

OR it makes the people working out

Hungry because they’re on a treadmill

In the food court!!

Perhaps it’s a win-win situation for both businesses!


When we walked out to the car

We found a tight space in between our car and the next one

So what did we do???

We both fit of course!!!!!



I kind of love this picture

It totally and completely shows what it’s like when Amanda and I are together

We’ve known each other since we were 14 years old

And we used to live together for years

We could not see each other for years

And pick up right where we left off

I still can’t believe I lost my voice from talking so much!!

But then again….I totally CAN believe it

The only thing that I didn’t like about that trip


The only thing that could make me want to leave Texas

Is Amanda!!

Because I miss her!


While I am on that subject

Let me say this

Amanda is the QUEEN of photos

She has literally documented my life since the mid 80’s

If it wasn’t for her, I would have almost no pictures of my life!!!!

When I got married in 1995, the wedding photographer lost almost all the professional pictures

(An omen? LOL)

But Amanda had naturally taken a ton of pictures on her own

So the wedding album I had was 100% compiled by Amanda

She has been there through every up and down of my life

And because of that

I have my life in pictures

Thanks to Amanda


Here is a picture of us from 1988  (excuse the red eyes)



And us today…



I heard this weekend was

National Best Friend Day

I never knew they had a day for that

But now I do

And my best friend has always been Amanda

She’s seen me through all my ups and downs

It’s good to have someone like that in your life, isn’t it?

Because I went out there feeling a little crazy

Like mid nervous breakdown nuts

And by the time I left

I was reminded that …yep…I’m a little crazy

And so is she

And if we’re gonna be crazy

Then let’s be crazy together!!!!!!



Source: via Sherri on Pinterest

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Lori June 10, 2013 at 2:17 pm

I am so glad you have Amanda and that she was able to help you through that dark period. I hope that you are back and truly feeling happy again.
Lori recently posted..The First CasualtyMy Profile


Lady Amanda June 10, 2013 at 2:50 pm

Love you! That picture of us at the mall is a hoot! Love it! Miss you- can’t wait to see you again (hopefully soon! hint hint )


Rockin' Mama June 10, 2013 at 2:58 pm

I gotta tell you, Holly, that this is one of my favorite stories that you have written in the last two years! I loved all the pictures and captions; my favorite picture is the one of you and Amanda present-day (Amanda in the blue dress). There is nothing like a best friend; close friends are a gift from God! The food pictures look like they are from a magazine! So glad you were able to spend the week with Amanda, and may you both have many more wonderful times together! You are both beautiful, amazing women! God bless! Love, D


Rhonda June 10, 2013 at 3:04 pm

Loved your blog and you are so smart to have kept in contact with your childhood friend. I pretty much lost contact with my high school friends and really regret that. Kudos to you and Amanda!


Staci June 10, 2013 at 3:41 pm

I think you turning yarn into spaghetti is not as bad as me thinking skunk spray smells like fresh garlic bread cooking in my house. ROFL Love all the fun pics of you during this time. I know it wasn’t an easy time, but it looks like Amanda was able to help you turn a terrible situation into a good experience.
Staci recently posted..Skunks, Opossum, and Mice – Oh myMy Profile


Linda Kuil June 10, 2013 at 3:56 pm

Gotta make that chicken!!!


Steelers6 June 10, 2013 at 4:56 pm

And you LOST weight! Wow. That surely indicates this is a lifestyle, bc it can sometimes feel like splurge time when reunited with a friend, amiright?

I have an “Amanda” in my life. Aren’t they the best?! Friends since teens as well. Thankfully she doesn’t live too far away, but is currently not too available due to things in her own life.

Would Amanda mind if you told us what state she’s in? Maybe you said before, but I can’t remember. [Did you ever tell us where you two grew up?] The little we see in your walk/jog photos does look pretty.

Keep smiling


Faith June 10, 2013 at 6:05 pm

I’m so glad you have Amanda!! Great post 🙂


Christine June 10, 2013 at 10:04 pm

I love this post! You are so happy and upbeat and you did an awesome with your food and exercise, even though you were on vacation. You showed that it CAN be done. Great pics too, they really showed the spirit of the trip. Glad you got to go :).
Christine recently posted..instagram, puppies and moreMy Profile


Valerie June 11, 2013 at 1:14 am

Wow, Holly. You haven’t changed since 1988! Seriously can’t believe that you’re 40! I love reading your posts about Amanda. I’ve come to believe that there are best friends, and then there are Amandas. 🙂 The two of you are so blessed in your friendship.


Lisa June 11, 2013 at 2:38 am

Great post Holly! For a while, when you were in your ‘black mood’, it was really difficult to read your posts (because I was in my own ‘black mood’!) but, you’re back! Yeah Holly! Glad to see that you are doing better. Question for you: if I have about 40 lbs. to do, should I drink the Atkins shakes every 2 hours, or every 3 hours? And do I only have the Atkins drinks and nothing else all day for that first week?


Holly from 300 Pounds Down June 11, 2013 at 12:08 pm

Personally I time my shakes according to how hard it is going to be for me to break off food. For example, if I am feeling anxious about giving up food for a week I will do them every 2 hours. I have done it both ways. It really is up to you. Either way works. Also you could do straight shakes for one week or you could do a meal in the evening. I find that doing straight shakes for a week kills my appetite and shrinks my stomach (which non weight loss surgery people have said it does the same for them). Then when you go back to food you can’t eat as much. Hope that helps!!


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