New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has secret lapband weight loss surgery–Presidency?

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It looks like Governor Chris Christie

Had lapband surgery on the sly

He checked into a hospital under a secret name

Over President’s Day Weekend

I wonder if that is a clue

That he’s planning to run for President?

And if so….is his effort to lose the weight

A health decision?

Or a political decision?


I wrote a post awhile back

Called Weight Vs. Intelligence

Where I discussed my own personal experiences

With how people perceived me at over 400 pounds

Even though I had a Masters degree

And I tried to dress as well as I could given my very limited options

Many people assumed that I was lazy



And generally incapable of fulfilling a purpose


I had a very difficult time getting hired

I had a very difficult time making friends

And I found myself often having doors slammed in my face

And notes left on my car telling me

You need to lose weight

There was also that super special moment

When the guy in the truck yelled at me

“Go back in the house…you’re too fat to be outside”

I didn’t know there was a weight limit

For being seen in public

And the best part about that story

Is that this happened to me while I was outside exercising


And even then he said that to me

Ironically that same exact man whistled out the window at me the other day

And called me a Hot Mama

Apparently some people in the world truly only see



Is it true that people who are obese have a problem with food?

That they have a problem being disciplined with their eating?

Well yeah….obviously

And guess what?

A lot of people who are really fit and in perfect physical shape

Have problems too

Almost no one has it all together perfectly

Some people have secrets that no one knows

Maybe they are alcoholics or shopaholics

Maybe they have a nicotine addiction

Maybe a drug addiction

A porn addiction

Maybe they can’t stop biting their nails

Who knows?!!

The difference is this

They don’t get out a big black marker

And write their problems out on poster board

Then sling it across their chest and wear it

Like those people on the side of the road

Wearing signs and waving their hands

Because there is a sale on furniture

Or they want your business

But people with weight problems

They can hide from no one

Every day their private struggle is showcased for the world to see


Will Chris Christie be a better candidate for the Presidency if he loses weight?

I would say yes and here’s why

He’s already been attacked for his weight before

And he’s been the punchline of jokes for quite awhile

So clearly it will be used against him when the mud slinging starts

In addition to that, people do often take a candidate’s health status into account

People want a healthy President

And they don’t want to fear he’ll die of a heart attack one month in

There are lots of reasons for why people might think a Presidential candidate

Should be in good physical shape

And not all of those reasons are from some prejudice against the obese

Many of them are legitimate


Am I in better physical condition today

Than I was 227 pounds ago?

You better believe it

My life was a nightmare before

I had problems just walking across the room

I had no energy at all

And I couldn’t even sleep at night due to sleep apnea

Waking me up 14 times a night feeling as if I was choking to death

So will ANYONE be better at their job

If they are in better physical condition?



But is he losing this weight for himself?

Or for his potential candidacy?

No one knows

If you ask me—probably both

Sometimes in life we need a catalyst

Extra motivation

To get something done

Haven’t we all talked about “That moment”

The moment of truth

Where you finally hit the bottom and say

I’m doing this

I’m pulling the trigger

And I’m going for it


For me that catalyst was being over 400 pounds

Not being able to breathe

Barely being able to walk

And realizing as a single mother of 4 kids

I might be leaving them as practically orphans

I almost didn’t care anymore if I lost weight for myself

That’s how hopeless I was at the time

That’s how lost I was in my food addiction

I had no hope

No belief or faith in my own abilities to change


But I didn’t want to die because I love my children

And I wanted to live


So after years of trying to do it without surgery

I finally just went for it

And played my last card

My last resort

And I had the gastric sleeve in July 2011

I’ve lost 227 pounds since that time

And NOT just because I had surgery

Surgery is one part of the plan

But trust me when I say

Surgery alone would NEVER be enough


I have a serious eating disorder

A binge eating disorder

Stress, anxiety, depression—can all lead me to food

I have had to fight my way out of the prison my body had become

Like a warrior on the battlefield

Like a boxer in the ring

And I have to keep fighting every single day

Or it will all slip away

Even recently I gained back 10 pounds

And why?

Because I’m a person whose weakness is food

And no matter what surgery you have

It only changes your stomach

Not your brain

Not your mind

Not your heart

This is why you must fight for it

But the good news is this



I had to change what I was eating

I had to cut out sugar

I had to start working out

And when I could barely walk

I just went 30 seconds at a time

Until I made it to the mailbox

And then I just kept going

Step by step

Day by day

Committing to this change


And deciding once and for all

I would not give up this time


My inspiration was my brother

Who had full blown diabetes and lung disease

High blood pressure and high cholesterol

Who was 454 pounds

Living on oxygen

Before he had Lapband surgery

And lost over 275 pounds

Now he runs Triathlons

He knows what it is like

To play that last card

To get the surgery

And try one last time

To find hope



My brother and I both know that weight loss surgery

Is not just some easy way to get the weight off

Because we’ve both worked our literal butts off

In this fight


I think Governor Christie is brave to come out and publicly tell people

That he did this

Because the reality is this

Many people fail on diets

On ANY diet

Including weight loss surgery

But now he’s put it out there for the world to see

And the pressure is on

Because if they were already making fun of him

Imagine what they’ll say

If he has surgery

And STILL doesn’t lose the weight


Many people don’t want to have weight loss surgery

Because they wonder about that

About playing that last card

“What if I STILL fail??” …they wonder

That’s a scary proposition


But we don’t have to fear it

So long as we know

Surgery is a tool

And that’s all

It’s not up to the surgery alone

To do the job

There are many factors involved

And you can be in control of them all


We think we can’t control it

We can’t do it

But that’s because we’ve failed too many times

And lost hope

So here’s the secret

Step by step

30 seconds at a time

YOU can overcome this

Because as time goes on

You will get stronger

And when you allow yourself to have hope

That things can change

You will find

They CAN change

So even if you fall

You’ll know to just get up

And keep going


The truth is this

Weight loss is a serious fight

It’s a battle

And we all need help sometimes


I need help DAILY

But I do know this

For anyone who struggles with their weight

From those with just  a few pounds to lose

To people with severe eating disorders



The weight loss journey is a roller coaster ride

And there are many paths you can take

Some choose surgery

And some do not

Many want surgery but can’t get it because their insurance denies them

I wonder if Governor Christie were President

If that would change?

I was denied three times by my insurance

And self payed

Trust me

I could have bought a car

And instead

I got 85% of my stomach removed


Should I have been able to lose weight on my own?

Do I wish I had been successful some other way?

Here’s the deal

No one would undergo surgery voluntary unless they really thought

There was a better option

But do I believe people can do this WITHOUT weight loss surgery?


Because I have not lost 227 pounds due purely to surgery

I did it by changing almost every single thing in my life

From how I eat

To how I schedule my day

I had to do a complete overhaul

I”ve been in therapy

And I have basically done every possible thing I can think of

To increase my chances of success

That’s what you have to do in life

When you’re David with a pebble

And Goliath is staring you down ready to stomp you into the ground


I’m looking forward to what lies ahead for Governor Christie

And not for political reasons

Because I really don’t do politics

And never write about it

But I find this story interesting

And I”m rooting for the guy

He’s got guts

Because he’s never denied he had a weight problem

And when people were making jokes

He did his best to just “take it like a man”

And keep trucking….

I admire that

I hope he’s successful

But not so he can become President

So he can see what life is like

When you’re FREE

When you can breathe and move and sit in a booth

When you can run and play with your children

Without feeling like you’re about to have a heart attack

I want Governor Christie to know the joy that comes

From being free from that food obsession

To walk through a store and not be stared at

To not be the joke

To not have to always prove yourself worthy

Because of your weight

I want that for him

I want that for everyone

Because I can tell you from personal experience

It’s worth it


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You can follow my brother on twitter @30sectovictory

You can also find me at the 300 Pounds Down Facebook Page

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Karen P May 8, 2013 at 1:31 am

Great post, Holly. Presidency or no, I’m excited he’s taking action and no doubt the health benefits will be good for both himself and his family.

I really can relate to anyone making a total transformation in their weight- surgery or not. The change of habits, figuring your way around all the barriers to your goal- we all have that in common.

Cheering for you both. Glad you posted about it.
Karen P recently posted..15 month check-in for weight maintenance and 2 years food sobriety!My Profile


Paula May 8, 2013 at 2:56 am

I think you are very insightful, as always. I am so happy for his family that he is doing this, and even happier for him personally. We each know the balance beam between food sobriety and food insanity, and I am glad he has taken steps, (no pun intended,) to improve his health and thus his life. Unless something changed, if he runs for President, he would get our votes..

Congratulations to him for a positive forward step…


tucking_fwit May 8, 2013 at 7:07 am

To that guy who previously yelled at you to stay indoors because you were too fat and then subsequently called you a “hot mama”. I would have yelled at him: “Hush up pencil dick. Men endowed like chimps should neither be seen nor heard”.

I know you wouldn’t do this because you are too much of a lady and a Christian but I personally have no issue with fighting fire with fire on occasion.


Barbara May 8, 2013 at 2:47 pm

Holly, as always, I love your posts! I had a guy (a.k.a. creep) tell me that I was “fatter than fat” . . . I replied “and you’re uglier than ugly.” His reply . . . “NO, I AM NOT!” We carry the hurtful things people say to us and we try hard to understand WHY it’s so easy for them to be cruel! Thankfully, we also carry with us the kind things people say! I do believe that YOU get back up when you’ve been knocked down!! I admire your courage!


Amanda May 8, 2013 at 3:25 pm

Great post, as always!

My surgeons office has a booklet they give you, and in it is a page that has a circle on it. The circle is cut into three sections, and each one is labeled, one says “surgery”, one says “diet”, and the last says “exercise”. There is a short paragraph underneath, basically saying that this surgery is only ONE PART of what it will take for you to be successful, and that 2/3rds of this process is 100% UP TO YOU! I am glad they put that in there, people need to be realistic about the surgery, and really, about taking responsibility for their own lives, their health is just a starting point!

Keep on keepin’ on, lady! 🙂


Pam May 8, 2013 at 4:38 pm

I wrote a blog about Chris Christie, back when he decided NOT to run for the Presidency. Like you, I stay away from expressing political views most of the time, and don’t know if I “like” his politics or not, but I wrote about what a shame it was that the country would not be able to decide if the man was a good candidate for the presidency, based solely on his qualifications and NOT his size. Sure, he has joked and kidded along with the talk show hosts who like to make fun of him (David Letterman–I’m talking about YOU!), but you know inside–that stuff had to hurt. And I really think he just decided he couldn’t stand the constant harassment about his weight, if he did run for President.
But, like you, I am excited for Gov. Christie. I think he is about to re-discover a world he had to leave when he gained weight, and it is indeed a WONDERFUL WORLD, isn’t it Holly? I heard him say he had gotten the surgery and wanted to lose weight for his kids. I hope he can do it, we both know it’s not easy and the surgery is only a tool. It requires so much more. Good Luck to all of us in this battle, and welcome Chris Christie to the millions of us fighting it.
Pam recently posted..FamilyMy Profile


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