Stalls happen

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Stalls is kind of a dirty word isn’t it?

I think anyone on the weight loss journey feels the same way

The word STALL has all the same potential to upset, offend, derail and malign us

More than just about anything we will encounter on the weight loss journey

Because stalls are a lot more than a mere physical/biological happening

They are nothing less than the PSY/OPS of the body

Psychological Warfare

A carefully conceived and well executed plan

To influence your mind, emotions, objective reasoning

And ultimately your behavior


Perhaps my definition of a stall

As being the body’s command control of a psychological ground war

Is a bit paranoid and delusional

But no one can deny that stalls have great potential to competely un-do us in the mental game

That’s why they are so effective at sidelining so many people from getting back in the game

How many of us have stepped on the scale after a week of perfect adherence to our plan

Only to be faced with a number that reflects no progress

Or worse—a gain!

And it makes NO SENSE

You comb back over your records

You read through your food and exercise log

But then  you determine that you didn’t eat 50 Big Macs

And you didn’t sleepwalk into a Baskin Robbins and down all 31 flavors

You know you have done what you were supposed to do

So  that’s that….right?


But no…no it isn’t….because the fun has only just begun

You replay through your mind what you did, where you went, what you ate

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…..

Through the week you go—retracing your steps

Replaying it in your mind

Was it this?? Was it that?? Did I not workout long enough? Did I not walk fast enough?

Now stop….and look at what’s happening

You stepped on a scale and the number didn’t move

Maybe a week goes by….maybe even two….with what appears to be no progress

And even though you’ve determined that you stuck to your plan

And you are not at fault

What is your response?

To put yourself through an interrogation worthy of any spy movie


Sit yourself down under a bright light while the good cop and bad cop that live in your head play with your emotions

Question every single thing that you’ve ever done

And if you allow this to go on….it only gets worse

Because now you are sure


That nothing will ever change


This is it…you say

The end of the road

This is all I will ever lose…’s over

Clearly my body hates me…’s against me….and I’ll never lose another pound


I’ve gone as far as I’m ever going to go and that’s IT!!

So why do I even bother?? I can’t beat the system….I can’t beat my body…..

I might as well eat cake


Because I am NOT going to bust my butt in the gym

Deny myself the food I really want

Day after day

Week after week

Just to step on this scale and see no progress

That’s ridiculous!!

So forget it….I’ve perservered as long as I can

This stall is not a stall

It’s the proof that nothing I do ever matters



Another way of thinking might be

Well, I knew this would happen eventually

I had a good run

But this is just my pattern…my history…..

I can’t really lose weight

I only know how to gain it

Who am I fooling?

This was bound to happen at some point

I got a good 20 pounds off though, right?

That’s enough

I need to accept my fate

And just eat cake


I started out with 300 pounds to lose

And my first stall happened around week 3 and 4

I completely freaked out and became very scared

I was absolutely, positively, sure that I would never lose another pound

I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that my body was simply never going to release the weight

In my head,my body had waged a full scale war against me

It had a mind of it’s own and I was going to stay at that weight for the rest of my life

Here are some posts that I wrote on a message board I visit for people who had weight loss surgery


 Posted by 300PoundsDown on July 15, 2011 – 8:02 AM

I am on week 3 .  I didn’t show a loss at all which is unusual and even gained!  Really pissed me off!! What”s wrong with me???


30 days out and not losing

 Posted by 300PoundsDown on July 23, 2011 – 9:05 AM

What is wrong with me? I have been hovering at the same weight for about 7-10 days!!!  I drink a protein shake for breakfast lunch and a snack. Salmon for dinner.  Still not losing!  I’m afraid that this is all I will ever lose.

Notice there  were about 8 days in between these posts

That means for 8 days or more I was hyper focused on this stall

Completely dialed into the fear that I was experiencing something unusual that might go on forever

But then one day I woke up and I had dropped 3 pounds seemingly out of no where

And life went on….

20 months and 221 pounds later, it appears that I had nothing to fear after all


I just recently went through another stall

It lasted more than two weeks

And then a few days ago, I just started losing weight again

I wasn’t doing anything differently

The same food plan

The same exercise plan

But the scale was like an employee who had taken a vacation

I didn’t hear from them because they had checked out

And two weeks later they clocked back in

And were reporting for duty


I know a lot about stalls

Stalls are inevitable


If you plan to lose a significant amount of weight

Expect them

If you plan to lose 300 pounds….get comfortable with them

Consider them a part of the family

Consider them a normal and regular occurrence

Like getting your period….if you’re a girl 🙂


No one likes getting their period

It’s no fun

It’s annoying and irritating and ‘here we go again’…

But every month like clockwork like it or not….it’s coming

Some are worse than others

Some are shorter, some are longer

You’re glad when they’re over

But you know they’ll be back

You can plot them out on the calendar so you’re prepared

You don’t say “Oh glad that’s over with!” and then throw out all your tampons

No…you go down to Costco’s and get a big old box of them because you know

That whether you like it or not

Whether you want it to happen or not

If you’re a woman and you’re not in menopause yet and you aren’t pregnant or have some other health issue to cause them to stop

Then you’re going to get your period every month

Regardless of your opinion on the subject

And if you plan to lose  a lot of weight….then the same is true of stalls


Stalls used to derail me

But not anymore

They hardly phase me

Because I know they’ll come

And I know they’ll go

As long as I stay in the game

Power through

And don’t let the bright lights of the PSY OPS team shake me


I wonder how many times in my life

I went off a diet all because of a stall

Because I allowed it to mess with my head

And take me out


It’s the stalls of life that really test us

Because it takes a lot to get up day after day and stay on track

When the scale reflects nothing

You get up, work out, eat on your food plan

And the scale flips you the bird

Day after day you keep checking the box

Doing the right thing

And day after day the scale looks back at you

With some smirky laugh and declares war on your mental game

Like most people I want feedback from the scale

I want my hard work reflected in that number

But I’ve learned that you just cannot focus on the scale

It has a place in all of this but at the end of the day

It cannot own you


The weight WILL come off in spite of the stall

But when you are in that moment, it’s hard to remember that

In those moments I want to go eat a Big Mac and feel very righteous about doing so

Justified about my Big Mac

Because after all, I’m not losing weight anyway, right?  So who cares!!

I might as well eat!

But I’ve learned that if you can weather these storms

Then one day the sky will open and the sun will just break through

You’ll step on the scale and out of no where

You’ll drop 3 or 4 pounds seemingly overnight!


Getting through the stalls of life is one of the toughest things I think

One of the biggest mental hurdles to overcome

If I had been able to stick out some of my previous stalls years ago

I might not have quit so many diets


St***s happen

They happen in weight loss and in life

There are times in my life where nothing seems to be going my way

I might be doing everything “right” and yet nothing I do matters

It is almost as if I’m immune to progress

I’ve had dry periods in my relationship with God as well

Where I might pray and feel as if God is giving me nothing more than a busy signal

I might try to talk to Him and only hear silence

I might read the Bible and not even see relevance to my life

It feels during these times like I’m being tuned out

Like God’s prescence has even left my side

It’s a scary feeling to be honest

To walk through this time where you wonder if God has scratched you off the list

And then you’re tempted to walk away

To say “Forget this!”

Why should I try to stay on the straight and narrow

If all I get is cold silence in return?


It’s during the stalls of life

Where we are tested

Where we determine what is important to us

This is when you have to walk by faith and not by sight

Because what you see is nothing good

What you feel is nothing positive

But will you allow yourself to be tossed by the waves

Or will you stand firm and believe in spite of what you see

In spite of what you feel


Sometimes I think to myself

How is it possible that I could already have lost 221 pounds

And still have 79 pounds to go!!

But when you start out over 400 pounds….then yes–it takes awhile to get there

BUT…those of us who started out at the highest weight range often feel

That because we began our journey at such a high number

That we will never get to our goal weight

Simply because we are too far gone


Well, we’re not too far gone

I will make my goal weight

And so will you

It will happen

And if I can do it

Then ANYONE can


Because I was a lost cause

According to many

According to myself

But 20 months later

I’m beginning to see

There really are no lost causes

As long as you’re willing to stay in the game

Power through the stalls of life

And believe that hope is not something which exists only for other people

For everyone else BUT you


Hope is for everyone

For anyone willing to keep chipping away

Little by little even when what they see appears dismal

What you may be surprised to realize

Is that the stalls of life

Are where champions are made


It’s the stand that you take

It’s your refusal to quit

It’s David standing up to Goliath

Not caring that he’s small and Goliath is a giant

It’s not looking back

No matter what

It’s getting on the roller coaster

And buckling up

Knowing once you pull away, there’s no going back

So throw your hands in the air and enjoy the ride

Even when the roller coaster is throwing your heart into your chest

And making your insides feel like goo


Stalls can break you

Or define you

They can take you out

Or build you into the fighter you will become

It is during these times that old patterns are broken

And new patterns are born

A new way of looking at life

And becoming the type of person who doesn’t allow the stalls of life

To get them down


Because now you’re the person who believes in hope

Regardless of circumstances

So the next time a stall comes your way

It can no longer sideline you

It can no longer derail you

Its power is gone

Devoid of any control in your life

Replaced with the patience and perservance of a warrior

Who fights the battle no matter what

Who never quits

Who never gives up

Because now you are what you were always meant to be

A champion of hope!



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Courtney March 8, 2013 at 9:52 pm

Wow! This is one of my favorite posts you have ever written!

Even though I’m working at losing weight where this really registered for me is in my study time. I’m studying to apply to grad school for physics after being out of school and work for several years. I never really knew how to study when I was an undergrad–I either “got it” or I figured I wasn’t going to. I’m starting to review some of those topics where I didn’t really “get it”, and it has been a learning stall that has been a little disheartening for me. This post will be the motivational speaker/drill instructor in my ear when I start to feel my focus slipping. Thanks for your inspiring words!
Courtney recently posted..Finding Rest When TroubledMy Profile


Angie March 8, 2013 at 10:52 pm

Thank you. I needed this post right now. First stall at 5.5 weeks. Eyes are trying to stay on the prize!


Trish @I_am_Succeeding March 9, 2013 at 12:40 am

I am there right now…trying to push through it is sooooooooo hard!!! I still have at least another 100 to go and it feels like it will not move now.
Trish @I_am_Succeeding recently posted..UuuughMy Profile


Rockband Barbie March 9, 2013 at 2:39 am

I have gone through many stalls. In fact, I have never been one to lose a consistent amount each week. I may go weeks (and recently months) and not lose anything and then all at once wake up one morning and 5 pounds magically went away over night. It is one of the very reasons I do not weigh myself every day…if I had I would have gone crazy.


Linda Kuil March 9, 2013 at 1:37 pm

Love your comparison of stalls to your period! So true- it’s coming whether we want it to or not. And you know, at 41, I’ll be really depressed when it STOPS coming! LOL
Linda Kuil recently posted..M.I.A.My Profile


Lori March 9, 2013 at 7:06 pm

I’ve learned that I’ll lose weight like crazy for 3 or 4 weeks and then stall for the same amount of time. It is not fun and I don’t like it one bit. I am learning that it is my cycle and not to freak out about it like I once did. I was constantly tweakinig and unknowingly sabatoging myself. Now, I just keep on doing what I know to be right. And I still don’t like it.


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