Weight Loss update and Non Scale victories

February 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s way past time for a weight loss update!

As of today, I’ve lost 122 lbs.

What a difference that has made in my life!

In addition to that number on the scale moving, I’ve also experienced a lot of non-scale victories.

All those little things that are occuring outside of the scale.

So here’s my current list of Non Scale Victories!

1. Down 6 dress sizes–SIX!  For the  last few years, all my clothes had to be special ordered from the internet or bought at Catherine’s (and while Catherine’s is a nice store–it was the ONLY store I could shop in. And near the end…I couldn’t even shop there.  Kind of puts a damper on clothes shopping, ya know?) Now I’m able to shop in the plus size section of any store. And one day soon..I will be out of the plus size section altogether!

2. I can carry my purse on my shoulder (Once you reach a certain size, there just isn’t enough room to get the purse on your shoulder. Now I can! In honor of that, I bought myself a new purse and I walk all over the place with it on my shoulder! I don’t know why this is such a big deal to me but it is!!)

3. Fasten my seatbelt (Fitting in most cars became a major problem for me the last few years.  In my own van, I had the chair pushed all the way back as far as it could go and even then I was jammed between the wheel and my seat.  The wheel would dig into my stomach as I was driving it. Fastening my seatbelt was a total impossibility. Now I have plenty of room between the wheel and myself . My kids make comments almost every time we get in the car at how they can actually see space between my stomach and the wheel! Now I can finally fasten my seatbelt with no effort and room to spare!)

4.  Fit in a booth   Well if you’ve ever been significantly overweight, you will know the trauma of no longer fitting in a booth.  This begins to make all outings very difficult.  If you go somewhere with a group of people, you have to let them know that you can’t fit in a booth and now everyone has to wait for a table.  The other day I took my kids out for breakfast and I told the hostess we needed a table because I couldn’t fit in a booth to which she replied…”HUH? Are you sure? I think you can”. I decided to risk it and try.  Well she was right! Massive celebration ensued between me and the kids.  “Mama can fit in a booth!!!”  Neighboring tables looked on trying to understand what the fuss was about.

5. Fit in chairs with arms  Shortly after you can no longer fit in a booth, you also lose the ability to fit in most chairs with arms.  Oh how I have hated chairs with arms! You don’t even realize how many places from restaurants to doctor’s offices have chairs with arms.  For awhile, I could squeeze in.  Yes it would cut off all of my circulation and I almost had to be pryed out with help but at least I was in.  By the  time I hit 417, it wasn’t even an option. This meant I had to stand. When I went to the doctor–I stood in the waiting room for however long it took.  That was a looong 20 minutes. When you weigh 417 pounds, the last thing you want to do is stand for any long period of time.  Of course you also have to deal with the humiliation and embarrassment of having to stand in a room with plenty of empty seats because you simply ate your way out of them.  Just like the booth, this produces anxiety anytime you are asked by friends to go somewhere because you have no way of knowing what chairs will be involved! You end up declining invitations so as not to deal with it and your world grows smaller again. But now I can sit in chairs with arms most anywhere we go.  So hello world…I’m back!

There are more non scale victories but those are the major ones.  Of course the biggest one of all is having the ability to keep up with my kids.  They have their own goals for me as well like fitting in the rides at Six Flags.  For way too long, I’ve been sitting on the sidelines watching but not participating.  I hope that this summer will be the year I finally stop riding the bench and find myself back in the game!

Along the way, I’ve had my ups and downs.

Until recently, I was walking 5 miles every day.

Then I began having issues with my  left knee.

This caused me to modify my exercise plan and I feel it has slowed me down a bit.

The doctor has been running some tests to see if he can determine the cause of my knee issues.

I’m hoping to have it resolved soon enough so I can get back to my original routine!

Most of all, I feel eternally grateful for the changes that have unfolded in the past 7 months.

My quality of life has quadrupled.

I feel that for the first time in years I can really be the Mom that I want to be.

I have the strength now to take on new things that I would never have been able to do previously.

And then I imagine what my life will be like in another 7 months?! It only keeps getting better.

I still deal with head hunger at times.

I still deal with procrastination.

I still deal with weight loss stalls and discouragement.

However, God has proven to me over and over again that He will finish what He started.

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Jen Arensberg February 2, 2012 at 7:22 pm

I am always left smiling and inspired after reading your blogs!! You have been a big influence in my life & probably haven't even known… thank you for being you and sharing your journeys and thoughts! You are awesome and I thank God for His plan to bring you in to my life. Keep moving forward!


Sheila February 2, 2012 at 7:57 pm

ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL NSVs!!! So happy for you! I hope your left knee/foot issues are resolved soon so you can keep up on your workout routine.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan February 3, 2012 at 9:09 pm

Woweeee!! Those are absolutely amazing victories! Keep up the great work.


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