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Have you ever had one of those days where you are absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt sure that one of the kids in the house moved your keys?

Or your coffee cup?

Or the toilet paper?

And no matter what they say, you KNOW they did it.

You don’t know who did it but you know it was one of them.

They’re all looking at you with those innocent eyes denying any criminal activity.

Even the dog is blinking at you with those soft brown eyes as if to say “I didn’t do it either!”

But you know…oh you KNOW they did.

You start wondering who is protecting who.  Was it a group effort? Did they get together and plan it??

“Now let’s see…what can we do to really irk Mom today?”

     “Oh I know! Let’s hide her keys!

Laughter ensues….little minds at work…

I’ve got the whole scenario pictured in my mind and just as I’m about to really lay down the law….

Then I reach into my pocket and–well–you know….I find the keys.

My, my…how the tables have turned.

Suddenly their innocent eyes turn to excitement as they realize they have just had their guilty sentences overturned.

Not only have they been completely exonerated but the one who charged them with the crime has been revealed as the culprit!

Yep–these are the moments kids live for!

Well I had one of these moments over Christmas.

The grandparents had sent presents to all the children and I was told that the box for Charlotte would be coming from Costco.

As the days went on, no Costco box appeared.

The grandparents tracked it and guess what?

Costco said it had already been delivered and more specifically they added–to my doorstep!

Well…the nerve of Costco.  The absolute nerve!  

I assure you no such package was delivered to my doorstep.

No indeed.

I insisted that Costco was straight up lying.

I couldn’t believe it.

Later that day, I saw a video of  a Fed Ex guy tossing someone’s new television across the fence and I thought…”You see!! Some delivery people cannot be trusted!

I even posted the video to my Facebook adding my 2 cents about how Costco had wronged me by lying about the package being delivered “to my doorstep”.

I mean it really irritated me.

It’s one thing for them NOT to deliver it but to write in the tracking system that they left it on my doorstep.


Then I started thinking….what if they DID deliver it to my doorstep and someone stole it?

Who would steal one of my Christmas packages straight off my doorstep?

One of my children’s presents for goodness sakes?

How cold and heartless can you be to steal from a child?

And how bold do you have to be to walk straight up to someone’s doorstep and steal the package right there in broad daylight?


But my mind wandered again…what if it was delivered to the wrong house?

Would they keep it?

Would they just open it and say…“Too bad for you! Finders Keepers!!”

Well..the nerve!

I mean what is the world coming to?

Neighbors who won’t return the package that was wrongly delivered?

I can barely stand it.

If this is what my neighborhood is coming to then maybe I need to move.

After all, I clearly misjudged them.

Whoever ‘they‘ are.

The thieves that stole my daughter’s Christmas gift right out from under her.


Should I go knocking on everyone’s door demanding they step aside while I search the house?

Who did it?

Well the grandparents notified Costco who agreed to replace the package.

Thumbs up for Costco owning up to their mistakes, I thought.

I mean if you’re going to screw up, you should at least have the good sense to admit it and try to rectify the mistake, right?

 I was starting to have renewed hope in Costco.

Maybe I won’t cancel my membership after all.

Of course, Charlotte would have to wait until after Christmas to get her present now.

I still was miffed with Costco and/or the neighbor Grinch who slid in like a ninja and stole that package from my porch.

Like most modern moms, I uploaded Christmas pictures to faceboook.

A few days later, I get a phonecall from the grandparents.

 Guess what??

That tea set in the picture, they said, IS the package from Costco.

What? But how?

After further investigation, I learned that the Costco package arrived on the same day as several other packages who all came from another relative.

Since all but one of the packages were from this relative…my daughter just ASSUMED that the Costco package was from her as well.

I wasn’t at home when the packages arrived (see how I made sure to insert this tidbit into the story to try and pass the blame!)

When I did get home, my oldest daughter had already opened the boxes and assembled all the things that needed assembling.

Ever been in “assembly required” hell?

Ok then you can know my ecstatic joy of not having to go there!

My oldest daughter is a machine when it comes to this.

It comes from being the oldest one in the zoo ( I mean the oldest of 4 kids)

And being the oldest kid in a single parent household where sometimes you get stuck with responsibilities you wish you hadn’t.

And being the oldest child of a Mom who has weighed over 400 pounds for a significant period of time and cannot physically do very much.

As a result, she is an efficient machine at organizing.

In other words…YES she’s awesome like that and NO you can’t have her.

BUT since she assumed the tea set was from the other relative…I assumed it was as well.

We then told Charlotte it was from the other relative and spent the week or so before Christmas giving all our neighbors the stink eye and seriously considering cheating on Costco with Sam’s club in full retaliation.

Yet in an instant…I realized that my perspective was all wrong.

They weren’t to blame. I was! Very suddenly I felt like Steve Urkel from Family Matters.

Anyone remember that show?

After screwing something up immensely, he would say……

                                          “Did I do that?”

Costco was innocent and yet they were still willing to rectify the problem by sending a replacement.

Gee…suddenly Costco sounds really generous and nice.

I hope they don’t hold that fling with Sam’s Club against me.

I only bought milk and turkey burgers.

I promise!

And my neighbors….well I’m glad they can’t read my mind.

I guess they’re not stealth undercover cold heartless ninjas that steal from children in the night after all.  

Suddenly they’re back to being those sweet neighbors who wave hi to me and bring Christmas cookies over ever year.

Come on guys….I didn’t mean anything by it.

Honest mistake…really!

And while I was so busy looking everywhere ELSE for the package…it was right under our nose the whole time.

This is a lot like life.

We often spend too much of our time looking outside ourselves for the cause of our problems when there it is staring us back in the mirror.  

So the package was here all along, the keys were in my pocket, my coffee cup was left by ME in the microwave and the toilet paper—ok THAT somebody moved…I’m sure of it.

But you get the point.

Sometimes the only one moving the package is US.

And when we look within and realize we’re the culprit, we have to be brave enough to take the hit, pick ourselves up and learn from our mistakes.

We have to realize that while we’re busily creating parental filters on the internet and double checking everyone else’s criminal records (yes Intellius has an icon on my computer so watch out!)…sometimes it is US that really needs to be filtered and checked out. Let us never embody this quote:

 Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened—Sir Winston Churchhill (1874-1965)

Now time to go shop at Costco…we’ve got some makin’ up to do 🙂
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pandamanda9 January 4, 2012 at 9:40 am

Great post! I love that…My dilemma is right now that there is a group of small elves who gives my 9 month old things she could NOT possibly reach! lol Damn little people! lol


April @ Red-Dirt-Mama.com January 4, 2012 at 11:31 am

Haha!! I know those moments well! That reminds me of the time I was prom committee chair and I was missing parts for a certain prop- while I was in the middle of CHEWING THEM UP, my friend sheepishly showed me the missing parts. Man, did I feel foolish!


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