My Rockin New Years Eve

January 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

By 10 pm, my house was already trashed.

Chairs were knocked over and drinks spilled on the ground.

 House party ya think?

Yeah that’s right…this single mom of 4 kids really knows how to ring in the New Year.

Someone asked me today what I did for New Years Eve.

Excuse me while I laugh.

I realize this is a night when many have big plans to go out and celebrate.

Of course I also realize that astronauts landed on the moon.

I’ve got a better chance of doing the latter than the former.

So what did I do?

Well the events started off with washing dishes.

Followed by  folding laundry, making dinner and washing dishes AGAIN.

Since I can handle fun like no other, I decided to fold more laundry, coordinate children’s baths and monitor them brushing their teeth because even though we’re wild we’d like to keep a few teeth for those days when we might have something crunchy.

The party continued with hair brushing/drying and as every fun party brings…a good fight.

                                                 “That’s mine!”….”No it’s mine!”…”I’m telling!!” 

 There are days I want to scream back “No, don’t tell me! I don’t want to know!”

But I’m the referee of the party.

The designated adult.

So I broke up the fight and we moved on to more festivities.

I spent almost an hour sifting through the directions to one of CJ’s Xbox games trying to figure out how to play it while he “patiently” waited for me to figure out.

(Did you catch that sarcasm?)

You see not only am I throwing the party but I’m also the technical director.

It doesn’t matter that I’m not good at technical things.

Sometimes the party assigns you to jobs you didn’t expect and you have to just go with it.

On the job training.

There was a short lull for awhile where I was actually able to go to the bathroom but this was interrupted by my chihuahua who seems to have no regard for my personal space.

Of course while in the bathroom, another fight broke out.

Some people just can’t handle their kool-aid!

I discovered the offending party (we’ll just call her Charlotte) was trying to subject someone (who we’ll just call CJ) to the new movie, Barbie Charm School.

 I have no idea why the little man resisted but I’m guessing it has something to do with defending his masculinity.

We settled instead on  Dick Clark’s Rockin” New Years Eve.

And then the fireworks!

What’s a rockin’ New Years Eve celebration without fireworks?

Luckily for me, that’s totally provided by my neighbors.

Yes, for us the big excitement included our neighbors setting off fireworks startling our large boxer, tiny chihuahua and the two cats resulting in madness and mayhem for about 15 minutes.

You see, there I sat snuggled in with my 2 youngest children in my lap.

It was almost like  one of those pictures on a Norman Rockwell plate.

Right before it drops to the floor and shatters.

Suddenly, things started popping off outside and before I knew it my rather large and “NOT a lapdog” Boxer jumped into the recliner with me and the kids.

So much for being the protector of the house!

This irritated the cat who had been nestled close by and hissing ensued.

The chihuahua who can get excited off of far less started running in furied circles.

They fed off each other’s anxiety and soon we had four animals jetting back and forth across the room barking, hissing, and growing more irritated with each pop of the fireworks.

Of course my kids hopped up determined to “calm them down”.  

The kids started jumping up and down on the couch, frantically waving their hands, and screaming “Calm down!” which only seemed to further excite the animals.

Gee…I wonder why?

Frantic jumping, waving and screaming usually has a calming effect, right?

But within 30 seconds my life had gone from Norman Rockwell to utter munity.

By the end, the cats had managed to knock everything off the tables including several drinks.

This is why you aren’t supposed to bring drinks out of the kitchen!

Ugh. I hate when I violate my own rule and get busted.

The boxer had effectively grabbed every shoe off the shoe shelf and gone running around the house with them leaving us with a scavenger hunt to deal with.

This is some sort of self-comforting thing she does in times of duress.

Apparently running around with a shoe in your mouth is very comforting.

I should try it some time.

And so by 10 pm my house was trashed.  That’s a Rockin New Years!

Being a single mom of 4 kids means I don’t go to parties–I am the party.

We travel in a pack.

Wherever I go, I bring 4 more with me.

I know there was a time when I used to go to New Years Eve parties but it’s somewhat of a distant memory.

Like trying to recall a television show that you watched once.

You can remember some of the plot but none of the character’s names or the title of the show.

You describe it to other people and they’re like…”nope..doesn’t ring a bell

Yes there was even a time I could go to the mall, try on clothes, eat wherever I wanted and leave when I felt like it.

Of course now, dressing rooms make me cringe.

I can only try something on if I feel like cramming several kids into a dressing room while trying to keep one of the kids from crawling underneath the stalls and hoping the other one isn’t successful in catapulting his sister over the door.

Shopping is a timed event to whatever meltdown will inevitably happen.

It’s a beat the clock event.


No such thing.

Just because you won’t find me out on the town, it doesn’t mean I don’t celebrate.

Ushering in the New Year is all about celebrating the dawn of something new.

It’s about hopes and dreams. 

This past year with my surgery and weight loss, I’ve watched the dawn of something new unfold in my life in a drastic way. 

So as crazy as my life can be, it’s also pretty great.

Besides that, when you’re a mom every day is the dawn of something new.

There is no other time in a person’s life when they’re developing and learning at a faster pace than when they’re a child.

Every single day they will say something or do something they didn’t do the day before.

Some of those things will surprise you.

Some will shock you.

Some will frustrate you

Some will inspire you

But you will never be bored.

Your life will be “rockin” every day and not just on New Years. 

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Kathy January 4, 2012 at 7:56 am

I loved this post!! Sounds a lot like my own house, except we have 3 kids and no pets!! You throw one wild party lady!!! Lol!! I'm married but am often alone while hubby is working, I don't know how you do it with no break! Great to find your site, what a great message you have!! Happy New Year!!


The Last Slayer January 4, 2012 at 8:42 am

I know I really shouldn't have but I had to laugh when I read this and that's down to the humour you inject in your writing. I can also sympathise with the whole fireworks + dog = chaos. Ours had a mini meltdown too.


Holly January 4, 2012 at 9:56 am

Thanks Kathy!! I appreciate your comments and with 3 kids you have your hands full too so lots of props to you!

Slayer…thanks so much for the comment! Laughter keeps me sane!!


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