Livin the Dream!

October 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ve lost 80 lbs so far and I have to say that some things get easier while others get harder.

In the beginning of something new, you have a lot of anticipation and excitement.

Then as time goes on you fall prey to boredom.

So it goes with me and exercise.

However the fight goes on!!

In an effort to keep things new and interesting, I decided to buy my kids new bikes.

Now when I’m out walking the neighborhood, the kids can be riding their bikes along with me.

Not only do I get my exercise in but I’m doing something with the kids.

I can’t believe that I just wrote that I intentionally went outside to walk with my kids and let them ride their bikes.  If you only knew how out of character that was for me before.

How virtually impossible due to my physical condition!

Doing things with the kids outside has not been such an easy task for me the last few years thanks to the weight so to actually be able to do these things with the kids really increases my stock value to them lol!!

 I had already been contemplating upgrading the kids bikes when Charlotte said to me yesterday “I wish I could get a new bike!“.

 I hopped up and said “Ok let’s go to Toys R Us“. 

At the risk of sounding like a commercial, I must admit that few things can make a kid happier than the words “Let’s go to Toys R Us”.

As the kids rode their bikes right out of the store, Charlotte proclaims

“Livin’ the dream!!”

Isn’t it great that something so simple can make a child so happy?! 

Livin’ the dream!!

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