Blisters and strangers

October 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s week #14 since I had weight loss surgery and I have officially lost 70 pounds!! YEAH!

I have to say that this surgery has been a huge blessing to me and I am beyond grateful that I was able to have it. 

How are things different for me now?

Well, my stomach has a whole new personality!

My stomach and my brain used to be on the same page. 

The brain wanted a Big Mac and the stomach said “bring it on!”.

Now, that is not the case.  I might be able to get 2-3 small bites of a Big Mac in there if I tried but trust me
when I say it would not be worth it.

The stomach has a U-turn sign permanently installed and if I try to get too much food (especially bulky, bready things) in there then I might as well count on seeing it again in the not too distant future.

What goes down WILL be coming right back up.

Mostly things just get stuck in my throat.

They sit there going no where.

It’s very uncomfortable and sometimes you feel like you’re going to choke.

All of these things are just no good.

Some days I feel like a dog with a shock collar.

You step outside of that boundary and ZAPPP!  You’re going to feel the pain.

Back in college, I took the class “Behavior Modification” otherwise known as B-Mod.

This surgery is like B-Mod with a vengeance. 

As much as I hate it, I love it. 

It gets the job done.

I do wish there had been a surgery for my brain.  I think I keep saying this.  But it’s how I feel.

I still hate to exercise and I struggle with being lazy, unmotivated and a giant procrastinator.

The best advice I have been given is short and sweet.  “JUST DO IT!”.

I’ve been advised to do it in the morning and include it in my daily routine.

Just like taking a shower or brushing your teeth.

Maybe you don’t feel like it but you do it anyway.

I started out walking to the house next door and back.

Today I went three times around the block!!

So I’ve gone from 1 house to 1.5 miles.

I still need a little B-Mod on my brain though when it comes to exercising.

Today while I was finishing up lap 2, I was muttering to myself about how much I hate it and how there’s no point because I always will.

In other words, pity party!

Then all of a sudden a car pulls up next to me and rolls down the window.  This woman who I’ve never met says “I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but you’re a real inspiration to me.  You make me feel like I need to get off the couch and go do something!”


Well, I don’t know how I could take that the wrong way?!

It was just the encouragement I needed. 

Instead of quitting after lap 2, I kept going and for the first time did a 3rd lap!

When I’m out there hauling myself around the block thinking I’m all alone, I realize I’m really not.

This woman who I don’t even know has apparently been noticing me when she drives by.

There’s also an elderly lady on the corner who sits outside every day in her scooter and cheers me on.

I don’t even know her but she yells out “I’m proud of you!!”. 

A perfect stranger is proud of me?


I’ve lived here 6 years and really didn’t know anyone because I barely walked outside the house.

Things are starting to change.

Now those strangers are my cheerleaders!

Last but not least, I have blisters!

 I’m actually kind of happy about it.

I haven’t had blisters from physical activity in years. 

Finally I’m doing enough of something to have a few battle scars!

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Morgan March 25, 2012 at 1:41 pm

This post brought tears to my eyes. I am reading all your posts starting from the beginning and in this one I could really 'feel' something different in you. You are an inspiration, you didn't just give up and let the weight take you. Thank you for sharing your story!


Sarah August 12, 2013 at 12:01 am

This cry! Love your blog!


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