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August 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Still having a lot of down days.  So I’ve decided that I’m just going to write from the heart.

That means good days and bad days.

I’m at my 2 month surgiversary for my weight loss surgery and I’ve lost 52 lbs.

Yee Haa!!

I am definitely down at least a pant size.  It’s hard to tell because at some point everything became elastic for me!  However my dress pants that didn’t fit me are now fitting.

My shirts fit a lot better and some are pretty loose.

I can buckle my seatbelt (still tough but I can get it!).

 I am now all the way around the block plus 4 houses.

Making my way to 2x around the block!

I can do an entire Leslie Sansone walking video (about 20 minutes).

I even tried out a Zumba class (but that was pushing it).

The fact that I even went to the Zumba class was a victory for me because honestly it takes guts to walk in there when you’re my size.

So big pat on the back for me!

I’m not quite ready for that yet but I was curious.  That will go on the back burner until I’m ready for it.

Speaking of that, my brother is coming to see me this weekend to start me on phase 2 of my workout program.  I think it will involve stretching.

Hopefully it will help with my right hip which has rebelled against me in the past week.  Every day when I walk around the block there comes a point where my hip decides it’s had enough.  I start to look like the tin man before they found the oil can.

I’m still getting passed on the road by people in their 70’s which proves that age is just a number.

They have, however, determined that I’m a “regular” on the walking path so they throw words of encouragment my way like “Don’t quit because we’re not carrying you home!” (just kidding 🙂

Lastly, I want to pray that San Antonio’s heat wave stops!

These record highs of 105 plus degrees are making me miserable when I go walking.

As if it’s not bad enough I have to worry about melting?

But if my 75 year old neighbor can handle it then what’s my excuse?

As far as eating goes, I’m still struggling to get in my 60 grams of protein per day.

I have to force myself to be more diligent about this.

Unfortunately, I still want FOOD.

By that I mean, Krispy Kreme.

Instead, I’m eating a lot of chicken which by the way tastes nothing like a glazed donut with sprinkles! grrrrrr.

I wish when the doctor removed 80% of my stomach he had also taken the part of my brain that dreams about chocolate.

You’d think after drinking 100,000 chocolate protein shakes I wouldn’t still crave chocolate but somehow Reeses still calls my name.

 Kicking the mental habit is going to be the obstacle.

I’ve spent too long being co-dependent on food for anxiety or any other uncomfortable emotion.

That’s not a habit you can kick overnight.

Part of my holistic approach to tackling this problem is seeing a therapist.

This particular person specializes in dealing with people like myself.

You know..the people who make every day run of the mill overeaters look like lightweights.

I didn’t really think this therapist could offer me much insight.

Maybe b/c I have my degree in psychology or maybe b/c I regularly analyze myself.

For whatever reason, I just thought it would be a waste of time.

However, I’ve discovered she actually makes some valid points which I told her in my last session.

I have a bad habit of congratulating her whenever she tells me something that seems like a valid point.

Good insight!” I’ll say or “Wow great job.  You’re really doing great!”

She finds this amusing. I just can’t get out of mom and teacher mode!

When I hit 100 lbs weight loss, I will post a before/after picture.

Of course, I will still be a supersized person even then but hopefully there will be a visible difference!

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Anonymous September 3, 2011 at 7:38 pm

That's so awesome Holly!! Keep up the good work! You are so motivated and positive and that's a true inspiration to others! 100# will be here before you know it! Can't wait for the pics. Love, Anna


Anonymous September 3, 2011 at 7:40 pm

Amanda's sister 🙂


Staci's Slimdown February 24, 2012 at 9:08 pm

I know this was a really old post, but I am just laughing because I'm 32 and at 216 pounds 70 year olds were passing ME on the walking trail! LOL. I am super slow and both my knees have dislocated my entire life. I never know when it is gonna happen – BAM. Excruciating. So I have fear. I am unable to run in any form. So I walk. I do my Leslie Sansone videos and walk. 🙂 And I get passed by Grandma with white hair and I feel like a big dork, but I just keep walking. Haha


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