Starting Line

June 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Start line!

My Pre-Op diet starts on Saturday. It is a 10 day liquid diet.  Nothing but shakes and water. Yikes!

You may recall I already tried to start my pre-op diet once and failed miserably.

Me and my failure with diets…nothing new there.

My brother has lost 250 pounds over the past few years.  When you want to be successful, it’s important to find someone who has achieved the results you want and then do what they did.

Follow the Leader
Follow the leader!

He’s been beyond successful.  About 3 years ago, he was given 5 years max to live.  He was morbidly obese.  He had congestive heart failure and diabetes. He was on oxygen. His last ditch effort was weight loss surgery but that would still not guarantee him success. Not much hope going on there, right?

Now he is the patient who has lost the most weight of anyone in that surgery practice.  No more diabetes.  No more oxygen. No more CHF. And If you know anything about that, then you know that is a miracle in and of itself because even with weight loss it is supposed to be incurable.

Now he is completing his certification to be a personal trainer and he already has a waiting list of clients. Why? Because they’ve been watching him for the past 3 years working out at the gym.  Working out at LA Boxing.  They saw what he did and they want what he has.  Guess what? So do I!

 Now you have an idea of who my brother is so when I talk about him on my blog you’ll know! He’s given me permission to use parts of his writings to me on my blog.

Notes from my big brother
Wherein he discusses the challenges I will face with the pre-op diet.  He talks about dealing with Satan.  But you can call him the devil, tempter, jerk, the evil one, the Dark Lord, or whatever makes you happy 🙂  

Challenges: the first 3 days are very hard – no make that very very very hard. Satan will be on you big time telling you – you deserve a glass of milk at least – I mean hey it’s not a snickers bar — or maybe a piece of fruit or a chicken breast — yadda yadda—-The damage that will be done is that you will feel emotionally horrible then you will be forced to lie to me and others about it then the evil one has wedged himself into your new chance at life. It’s like your escaping your old life of misery around food – zipping away in a fast getaway car but Satan had stowed away in the trunk and when you arrive at your new destination(post surgery) ready to begin your journey Satan pops out of the trunk and yells gotya! 

Final note on Satan – the secret is that his real power is in creating separation and that when people struggle with a scenario as I described above – the best defense after he “gets you” is to be honest about it to yourself and another and in this way you lessen his grip. 

Ok sermon over – lol You can do it! The life that awaits you is worth it. 



Disclaimer: I realize that everyone has different ideas about how we should approach dieting.  I’m not really here to debate that.  I’m just here to document what I’m personally doing so others who are interested  can know.  
Now pray for me as I break up with my BFF Reeses Peanut Butter cups.

boy inspects candy

 It’s going to be tough 🙁

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